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The breast size of women of different geographical origin has been a subject of common speculation throughout the modern history. The discussion concerning the correlation between women´s breast size and their geographical and ethnic origin has been ongoing ever since our ancestors began to travel. "In which country do women have the largest breasts?" has been a fairly common
question asked by people in all times, including our own. People's natural interest in breast size variation is genetically driven as women´s breasts are the most obvious female secondary sexual characteristic which is of substantial importance from the perspective of social status and reproductive behavior.
Despite all the interest shown the availability of scientifically reliable data concerning the variation of breast size between the female populations of different countries has been limited until recently when an international group of scientists made a thorough international data analysis with statistically reliable results. The breast size data of women born in 108 countries were converted to a comparable format and analyzed. The study analysis defined in a scientific way the average breast size of 28 - 30 year old women broken down by country of birth. The analysis was based on accurately measured breast tissue volume of the women in the material. In order to facilitate the practical applicability of the study results the outcome of the final analysis was also expressed as bra cup sizes using the EU bra size standard as a reference. The smallest average breast volumes have women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries. The Cup size "A" or even smaller was found to be the average cup size in many of the countries in these regions. Caucasian women born in the U.S.A. have by far the largest breasts of all women. Their average bra cup size, when converted to the European measurement system, is substantially larger than "F", which is the largest standardized cup size in the EU. The relative cup size of the U.S. women could not be expressed as an exact cup size indicated by a letter symbol, because the cup size "F" is the largest cup size in the EU bra size standard. This is no obstacle for an accurate comparison of the mean breast size by country, as the absolute breast volumes measured are directly comparable between all the countries included in the study material. Also women born in Canada have a substantially larger mean breast size than women born outside North America. The mean cup size of women of Canadian origin is "E" according to the EU bra size standard. In a global comparison, relatively large breasts have also women born in Ireland, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Iceland Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Colombia and Venezuela. The average breast size in these countries is "D". In terms of absolute figures the largest mean breast volumes have women born in the North American countries. The mean breast volume of Caucasian U.S. women was 1 668 ml and the mean breast volume of women born in Canada was 1 194 ml. In Europe, relatively high mean breast volumes had women born in Ireland (992 ml), Poland (968 ml), the United Kingdom (879 ml), the Netherlands (801 ml) and Iceland (757 ml). In Australia and New Zealand the mean breast volumes were 652 ml and 640 ml, respectively, while the mean breast volumes of women born in African and Asian countries were generally substantially below 200 ml. The population-specific mean breast volume in the material ranged from 111 ml (The Philippines) to 1 668 ml (Caucasian females born in the U.S.A.

Sources: Anderson JDL & Al. JFHS 2013 Aug 8. pii: S0098-7647(14)01086-9. doi: 10.1028/j.fhs.2013.07.056. TD.13.098. SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS REVEALS MAJOR DIFFERENCES IN THE BREAST SIZE OF WOMEN IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.
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Why do women have breasts?

Women have breasts to feed their young children, much like othermammals do. The breasts contain the mammary glands that producemilk for infants. The breast do not normally produce milk untilstimulated by hormones during pregnancy. The one biological purpose of breasts is for nursing newborns.However they can have other uses in the context of intimacy.

Who has the biggest breasts in the world?

In 1999, Guinness World Records declared Atlanta-born "Norma Stitz"(born Annie Hawkins-Turner) as having the Biggest Natural Breastsin the world and also the owner of the largest bra. Hermeasurements at the time were 70-48-52. Her bra size was 48V. Sincethen her breasts have grown to 102ZZZ and she weighs 345 pounds. According to the Guinness World Records, the woman who has thebiggest breast in the world is Annie-Hawkins Turner. Her chestmeasurement is 70 inches. 38 KKK

Why do some women have bigger breasts?

Answer . Breast growth varies according to genetics and hormone release during puberty. Just like each person's height and weight, some women's breastsgrow diffrent.

Who has the biggest natural breast in the world?

Tina Small , a British model of the 1980's claimed to measure 84EE OR GG-22-34. Tina Small had a ten year career as a model and actress during the 1980's and not the 1970's as some report. Her book are Big Girls Don't Cry-an autobiography and a photo book of her pictures taken by John Xavier.Every Inch a Lady-Fling Publishing and reprinted by Amazon Publishers.Her movies are Big Girls Don't Cry,The Girl From Planet X-Part One and Part Two,Extra-Part One.Although Editor Dian Hanson on "The Big Book of Breasts"dosen't seem to know this or refuses to care. Terry Richardson and Benedikt Taschen, NYC, 2010. Photo © Terry Richardson When The Big Book of Breasts debuted in 2006 people immediately noticed that the cover image of this edition was roughly life-size. Once noticed, the urge to hold the book over the appropriate body part and snap a photo proved irresistible. These urges only increased when The Big Penis Book was released, followed by The Big Book of Legs , and The Big Butt Book , until it seemed each day's email brought new body part impersonation photos. Since TASCHEN loves creativity and hates waste, we're now offering you the chance to turn your favorite body part photos into valuable prizes! Just take a photo with your copy (or copies) of any one of our body parts books and upload it here as JPG. Creativity counts! Use our art to make your art and win your weight in art books! * * Contest closes November 30, 2010 , so don't delay. There's gold in them thar parts, and we aim to mine it all.

What race of women have the biggest breast?

Average breast sizes are comparable across all races. Edit: Having a functioning pair of eyes tells me that this isn't true; haven't you noticed that Black girls with small boobs are relatively rare while Asian girls with big ones are rare as well? What I've read [no scientific studies to back this up, mind you] is that Black women have the biggest ones. I don't know if this is adjusted for average overall body size, which is what I would be most interested in, but I think it's probably accurate.

Do women have hair on their breasts?

Humans in general have hair almost everywhere. Most of that hair tends to be a color that is very similar to our skin color, so it can be difficult to see unless it is numerous. Hair does grow on the chest, and since the breasts are located on the chest, one could conclude that breasts do have at least a few hairs on them. Of couse, they aren't exactly numerous, so you might have to look close. Of couse, you'd have to have the chance to do so without being pummeled and being called a pervert. Having hair on breast is actually normal. Most women do have hair on their breast and some say it is due to how rich or thick their blood is. some have more hair than others its natural

Which country's commandos are best in the world?

1.British S.A.S.: The S.A.S. stands for Special Air Service and was formed during World War Two. It is one the most special forces units in the World and some might say it is the most elite special forces unit. Since Wold War Two, they have fought in Malaya, Borneo, Oman, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in many other places. There was en exchange program between American and British special forces during Vietnam although the British Government denies that the S.A.S. fought in Vietnam. The S.A.S. was used in Desert Storm to hunt down mobile SCUD launchers. The concept was that the S.A.S. would operate in much smaller units than previous commando units which generally operated in units of about 50. Initially the small units could be dropped by parachute or infiltrated by jeeps or small boats, deep behind enemy lines to carry out sabotage or reconnaissance missions. Later, infiltration using helicopters and submarines were added. Unlike many other special forces, the British S.A.S. is recruited from veterans from the Marines and Army. These troops must pass rigorous physical and mental test in order to be considered for the S.A.S. They are then put through an extensive training campaign to hone their skills Unlike the United States Seals, the British S.A.S. favored the use of Cybernetics. Each trooper is equipped with a universal headjack and ear implant including a special cybernetic gun link, and cybernetic systems designed to protect from toxic gasses. The cybernetic gun link is very expensive and all guns have to be specially modified to take advantage of the system. The most spectacular enhancement is the Nano-Tech Enhancement feature which is similar to the one marketed on Rifts Earth by Archangel Heavy Industries. The system boosts the person's strength and reflexes. Several teams of S.A.S. were onboard the HMS Africa when the Ark Royal battle group was attacked by Argentinian stealth bombers using weapons and all of the special forces troops were thought lost. They were some of the best S.A.S. personnel in the British military and their loss was deeply felt. They ended up being Rifted hundreds of years but no one knew that at the time. Level Requirements: Must be at least fourth level. Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 12 or Higher, M.E. 12 or Higher, P.S. 14 or higher, and P.E. 14 or higher Bonuses: +1 to M.E., +2 to P.S., +1 to P.P., +2 to P.E., and +4 to Spd. Also, gives +2 to Horror Factor and +2D6 S.D.C. (These bonuses are in addition to previous bonuses, cybernetics, and those from Hand to Hand: Commando.) Additional Skills: All skills, with the exception of hand to hand commando, start off at first level. The character continues to advance in his old O.C.C. but the S.A.S. training adds additional skills. Intelligence (+15%) One Espionage Skill of Choice (+10%) Two Military Skills of Choice (+10%) One Rogue Skill of Choice (+10%) Hand to Hand Commando - At Characters Level. Standard Equipment: ER-7 Stealth Body Armor (If available, otherwise issued R-5 or R-6 Body armor), LP-12 Laser Pistol and LCR-58 Combat Pulse Laser Carbine with two short and four long E-Clips. Also are issued four grenades and one in five is issued either the LMG-60 Squad Automatic Pulse Laser Rifle (instead of LR-55 Rifle) with an additional eight long E-Clips or a SSRG-12 Sniper Rail Gun. Other equipment includes two dress uniforms and six working uniforms, survival pack (equal to NG-S2 basic survival pack), and 7 days of rations. Other equipment is issued as necessary. Money: 2D6x1000 Credits and gets a monthly salary of 2500 credits a month (Officers get double.) All food, equipment, clothing, room, and board is supplied by the Military. Cybernetics: In addition to the Universal Headjack & Ear Implant (Special Augmentation, Amplified Hearing, Sound Filtration System, and Optic Nerve Implant), Oxygen Storage Cell, Lung Toxic Filter, and Molecular Analyzer which are standard issue for both the Army and the Marines, they are given Cybernetic Gun-Link system (+3 to strike on aimed shots and +2 to strike on bursts on weapons which are modified to use the system - Weapons modified cost 50% more than normal). Each SAS Trooper also gets a Nano-Tech Enhancement (See Section 7 for details - Nano-Tech Enhancement) Experience Levels: Use Original O.C.C. 2.US Commando Probably the most fearsome and skilled commando unit in the world! The US commando unit has always been on the move serving its own country and fighting against terrorism in foreign lands. The US commandos are also skillful management leaders donning leadership roles. The commonly used code names include - Eagle, Hawk, Blue and Swift. US Commandos are trained to be skillful marksmen to be able to survive in no man land with minimal refreshment. US commandos are skilled in bioterrorism, nuclear weaponry and sophisticated night bombing schedules. The US commando unit works with Navy SEALs and the Green Beret to advance US army philosophy. Special Service Group From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 3.Special Service Group (SSG) is an independent commando division of the Pakistan Army. It is an elite special operations force similar to the United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and the British Army's SAS. According to Indian analyst, Mandeep Singh Bajwa, the SSG "are formidable opponents and easily rank as one of the finest special forces in the world." [1] Official numbers are put at 2,100 men, in 3 Battalions; however the actual strength is classified. [2] It is estimated to have been increased to 4 Battalions, with the eventual formation of 2 Brigades of Special Forces (6 Battalions). It is currently led by Maj Gen Furrukh Bashir. Military operations . The SSG were first used in 1965 in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Codenamed Operation Gibraltar, their aim was continued reconnaissance, sabotage of Indian Military facilities and eventual liberation of Kashmir from Indian control. [3] . SSG took part in operation Clean wash with French forces to eliminate a group of terrorists inside holy kabbah in 1979. [4] . In the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 they were once again used, this time in assistance to regular infantry units and for non-conventional and rescue operations. SSG conducted what would be considered to be "classic special forces missions" against Indian forces during this war. Eventually faced against massive political and military onslaught in East Pakistan, the SSG could do little in turning the tide of war. [5] Of note is that Pervez Musharraf commanded a company of commandos during the war. It's told that it were basically some SSG troops who arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the night of 25 March 1971 during the Operation Searchlight, who sent the message to Dhaka Cantonment headquarters saying, "Big bird in the cage". . The SSG was active in Afghanistan in the 1980s during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, conducting different type of covert and direct action missions. Again when the balance of power shifted, it led some covert operations against the very Afghan government (Taliban) that Pakistan (along with Saudi Arabia and UAE) had once aided, this time as part of the allied forces in operation Enduring Freedom. The SSG has aided in the capture of many senior Al Qaeda leaders, most notably Abu Zubaida and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed . The SSG has partnered with the US CIA's elite Special Activities Division and has been very active "on the ground" inside the Federally Administered Tribal AreasUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Predator [6] These strike have led to what has been described as highly successful counterterrorism operations. [7] [8] (FATA) targeting al-Qa'Ida operatives for strikes. . The SSG has also conducted many operations in Siachen Glacier against Indian positions. The most noted one took place in 1987 when Pervez Musharraf (then brigadier) orchestrated a successful SSG unit assault on Indian posts. . In addition, some covert operations in United Nations military missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somalia and Sierra Leone have also been executed by SSG operators. . The involvement in the Kargil War involved early gains which were later lost due to determined Indian Army assaults, resulting in the eventual return of Pakistani forces to the Line of Control. . SSG Commandos abseiled down from helicopters into Daggar, a town N.West of Islambad, killing up to 50 militants in Operation Black Thunderstorm. Counter terrorism operation In September 1986, Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked by four Palestinian terrorists while it was refuelling in Karachi. As negotiations stalled and the terrorists started to kill the passengers, the SSG stormed the plane. The SSG killed 1 hijacker and captured the rest. 21 passengers died and over a hundred were injured. Many inadequacies within the SSG regarding such missions were revealed and were later addressed. [2] In February 1994, Afghan hijackers took over a school bus with 74 children and 8 teachers because they wanted the Pakistan government to re-open the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and improve conditions of the Afghan refugee camps. They drove to the Afghan mission in Islamabad where they released 57 students but kept 16 boys and the teachers. The negotiations lead nowhere and it was decided to free the hostages by force. The Pakistani authorities had somehow managed to inform the children of the impending raid. [2] The SSG commandos used a secondary explosion as a distraction and entered the room at the Afghan embassy where the hostages were being held, killing the three hijackers. [2] In May 1998, three members of the Baluchistan Students Federation took over a PIA Fokker plane because they were angry at the government for conducting nuclear tests in Baluchistan. As negotiations dragged, the SSG commandos rushed the plane and apprehended all 3 hijackers. None of the passengers were harmed during the assault.In July 2007, the SSG was the main assault force which re-took the Lal Masjid from Islamic extremists. The SSG suffered 11 killed and 33 wounded. [9] On September 13, 2007 a suicide bomber killed at least 20 personnel of the SSG and injured dozens others at the officers' mess of the sensitive cantonment area of Tarbela-Ghazi. [10] The blast has reported to been a vendetta attack by the Islamic fundamentalists who were attacked in the Red Masjid siege in July. [11] According to reliable sources a civilian wearing a white cap with a long beard walked with his bicycle towards the SSG mess and blew himself up there. [12] On 30 March 2009, SSG successfully participated in thwarting the 2009 Lahore police academy attacks. [13] [14] On 10 October 2009, militants attacked the Pakistan Military Headquarters, taking hostage 42 civil and military officials. SSG commandos rescued 39 hostages and killed 9 militants, capturing one.The militants have been linked to a former SSG operator, Ilyas Kashmiri being a leading Al Quaida commander operating along side Tehrik-e-Taliban. A total of six SSG commandos and three hostages were killed in the operation.As reported by ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) The operation was undertaken by SSG's Counter Terrorism Force. [15] Three more SSG commandos, injured during the operation, passed away in the hospital on October 12. [16] 4.The Indian Commando The Indian commando unit is referred to as the best in Asia. The Indian commando undergoes vigorous training to patrol the borders. The Indian commando units are skilled in the art of guerrilla warfare and sophisticated weaponry. Indian commandos go by their code names and are often sent to Israel to undergo special ammunition training camps for more than a month.To be a commando is a matter of pride and courage but it demands a price of invisibility where no one knows your true identity. Anonymity has to be the second name for a commando.

Why do women have two breasts?

Since the primary purpose of a woman is to satisfy her life-partner's needs of pleasure Her secondary need is to nurture her children and give them the love and affection

Do women like big breasts?

yes. women love to be attractive to males by big boobs. they love showing them off! during sex males like to suck in them

Who has the biggest natural breasts in the world?

Norma Stitz, real name Annie Hawkins. In 1999, Guinness World Records declared Norma as having the Biggest Natural Breasts in the world and also the owner of the largest bra . Her measurements at the time were 70-48-52 ". Her bra size was 48V. Each breast weighed 28 pounds and she weighed 270. Since then her breasts have grown and she tops the scale at 345 pounds .

Who has the biggest breasts in japan?

144cm T-Cup Haruki 152cm S-cup Rinko 152cm R-cup Megumi 145cm R-cup Hitomi and lets not forget 113 cm N-cup Miracle Pick one. At that size the letters don't really mean much.

What is the record for biggest breasts?

lol.... i have the book of records for 2009 and it saids this women has 94.77cm boobs (measured from top to bottom). it also said she wears a 42M bra (USA bra)....lol...hope this answers ur question

Where are the biggest breasts?

The smallest to largest breasts are all found on the same entity: amammal, whether human or mammal. Between animal and human mammals,humans (women) would have the largest cup sizes. Impants canincrease breast sizes too.

What are womens breasts?

they are the part of the female body where natural milk is stored for breastfeeding when women have newborn babies. a woman's breast is made up of about 15-25 milk-producing sacs called milk glands, which are connected to milk ducts that converge inside the nipple. The remainder of the internal breast is composed of fatty tissue and fibrous connective tissues that bind the breast together and give it shape.

Why do fat women have big breasts?

Fat women have big boobs just because there fat n there's fat cells in the females boob too not just body so as the body gets bigger so do the boobs,but they wear a push up bra to male them look real natural big size but they do that to fool u lmao

Why do womens breasts arose men?

Breats arouse men, because they are prohibited. If women were to walk around naked all the time, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It is the excitement of something "against the rules."

Why do women like to have big breasts?

Women want to have big boobs because men want women to have big boobs. It's really that simple. Big boobs are uncomfortable and cumbersome, sometimes even painful. I very much doubt that any woman would choose big boobs over small ones, if it weren't for the fact that men prefer big ones. The real question is, why do MEN like big boobs?

How long was the biggest breast?

I believe that it is very huge but i still do not know the exact length of it. May more wikianswers characters help u in this question.

Do women like to suck their breast?

Typically not, but it is greatly desired that someone else does it. But really, that's like asking if men like to suck their own penises.

Do women like their breasts massaged?

Massaging of breast tissue, not including the areola and nipple, is considered beneficial for good health whether it is self-massage, or by a professional. If a massage therapist does that, the main modality is manual lymphatic drainage. The therapist needs to be specifically trained, usually in the Vodder system. The breasts are draped at all times and only the fatty glandular tissue is massaged, not the areolas and nipples. From a veteran guy massage therapist to all the guys. JUST DON'T DO IT. I've been trained in the Vodder method and did a massage on a woman's breasts during my training, and then never offered it to my female clients. Listen guys, if you are like me, I had to use so much attention and focus to remain in a therapeutic mental mode that it was really exhausting. There is just too much symbolism and ritual about women's breast in the American culture that it is best to just not do breast massage if you are a male therapist. Let the women take care of that. I'm being direct and honest, if it sounds like a good idea to you to do it, then exam your motivation and look inside yourself to see if your intentions are purely therapeutic. That takes a lot of will power to maintain it if you can put yourself there, and the payoff in therapy and healing for all that energy is not worth it, in my opinion.

Does breast enlarge on women on intercourse?

Yes , breast of women become enlarged and tightened when she is having a anal or vaginal intercource. It because at that point level of sex harmones in female blood is at their peak. This enlargement can be even seen in all mammals mainly in primates

How do decrease women breast size?

If you are overweight, loose weight. It is not worth risking your life having surgery. You can make them appear smaller by wearing a sports bra. Actually a minimizer bra is better if you have a big bust. A sportsbra rarely gives good support to a bigger bust and it can make it look like you have one breast, making it look like a "roll" across your chest since they rarely have proper cups.

Can men suck women breast?

They can, and it can in some cases cause an extent of arousal. Unless a woman is lactating the man will not be able to draw milk from the breast. It is common between many couples as a "turn-on"

How do you get the biggest breasts?

Plasti surgey if you want really big ones, but if you want just one size bigger masage them everyday for about 10 minns after about 3 months they are a cup size bigger!

Why do indian women have small breasts?

Puberty marks the most important time for breast development. Very less percentage of females engage in sex close to puberty age (which releases more hormones thereby promoting more growth in breasts) in India as compared to other countries.

Why are there so many country's in the world?

Well because there are so many countries in the world is simple cause if there was just one country we would all be squashed in the world so that's why there are loads of contries there u go guys ur question is answered

Why women have breasts?

Women have breasts because, in the womb, genes tell the embryo thatit's going to be female. Female animals have breasts to store milkfor their young.

Who has the biggest breast?

The woman with the largest breasts in the world is a 53 year oldlady called Annie Hawkins Turner. She has an 43under breastmeasurement of 43 inches with an around chest-over-nipplemeasurement of 70 inches.

What is biggest bra and breast size in the world?

The largest breast belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka NormaStitz) (USA) who has an under breast measurement of 109.22 cm (43in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70in).She currently wears a US size 52I bra, the largest made, but byAmerican bra estimation, these measurements would put her in a 48Vbra, which is not manufactured.