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mammals :)
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Which two vertebrate animal groups lay their eggs in water?

It is generally accepted that the two vertebrate groups that laytheir eggs in water are Fish and Amphibians. However, this is not strictly true, as not all amphibians lay t

If a mammal gives birth to young alive then what animal group lays eggs?

Egg-laying mammals are known as monotreme. They are of the Order monotremata. Apart from monotremes, other animal groups which lay eggs are birds, reptiles fish and amphib

Which group of vertebrates do not lay eggs?

All mammals (excluding the platypus and echidna), very few reptiles (such as the boa constrictor and rough snouted gecko), and certain species of fish and other marine animals

What Vertebrate group lays eggs?

Birds . Reptiles . Fish (some) . Amphibians (most) . Monotremes - a class of mammal

What group of animals lay rubbery eggs?

Monotremes are egg-laying mammals, and their eggs are not hard-shelled, but leathery. The monotremes include the platypus and echidna . Reptiles also lay rubbery/leath

What group of animals lay eggs and live on land and they also have scales?

reptiles lay leathery hard eggs and have scales some live on land. Correction: Reptiles do not have scales, but scaly skin. There is a difference. Also, not all repti

Why do animals lay egg in groups?

Laying eggs in groups makes them easier to keep warm and safe and increases chance of the hatchlings' survival. Birds keep eggs in nests, where it is necessary to lay eggs in
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What mammalian group lay eggs?

The sub-group of mammals which lay eggs are called monotremes. This group includes the platypus and the two species of echidna.

Which group of animals does not lay eggs?

All groups of animals lay eggs. The one most commonly defined as non-egg-laying is the group known as mammals. Almost all mammals give birth to live young. The exception to