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Which has a lower pressure the air in your lungs as you inhale or the air outside your body?

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Air moves from a higher pressure region to a lower pressure region. As you inhale, the air moves from outside your body to inside your lungs, so the air in your lungs has a lower pressure.
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What involves changes in air pressure inside and outside your body?

Breathing involves changes in air pressure inside and outside your body. When you inhale, your chest expands because muscles between your ribs push the ribs apart to make a bi

Is the air in lungs negative pressure?

There are a number of places in the body where the pressures are lower than atmospheric, or negative. For example, 1- When we breathe in (inspire) the pressure in the lungs mu

What causes your body to inhale and exhale air into your lungs?

I believe that the pressure from the diaphragm causes our lungs inflate, thus we inhale and when the diaphragm deflates, it makes us exhale. -------------------------------

Why does air rush down into your body when you inhale?

you breath. wrong.   your muscles contract.     ----   When you breath in, your diaphragm (a dome shaped muscular structure forming the floor of the thoraci

What is the maximum amount of air that a healthy lung can inhale?

very very variable... but there is a calculation that can be done its the forced expiratory volume / function residual capacity basically you breath out REALLY HARD, and then