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Which health factor is outside your individual control?

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Different factor the affective the health individual?

  different factor the health affictive   You'll get all of the usual answers about health, etc.., but to me it comes down to the vibe the person puts out as a result

What are factors that can affect a individuals health and needs?

There are many factors that can affect an individuals health needs. Following is a partial list: Environment Exercise/Activity level Nutrition Behavioral factors (smoking vs
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How the different factors affect the health of any individual?

Individual health depends in part upon a number of factors that a person has control over, including diet, exercise, alcohol and drug use, and stress levels. Those born into f
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Does the rhesus factor affect the health of the individuals who has it?

It does not usually cause problems. It is an issue with blood transfusions and in tissue transplantation. The common place for it to be an issue is if an Rh negative mother