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Which health factor is outside your individual control?

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How does mental health effect individuals?

Mental health is part of overall health, so if a person suffers from a mental health problem they also tend to suffer from overall poor health. Good mental health, in contrast

What are the qualities of health individual?

The qualities of a health individual is do whats best for your body. Maintain the goodness of life, don't throw it. Eat foods that are best to your body, especially don't

What are examples of controllable and uncontrollable health risk factors?

An example of controllable risk factors for health are lifestyle,  diet, habbits. These are factors that can be changed or altered  that may influence your health. On the ot

What are the primary health risk factors and which may be controlled?

Some health risk factors that can be controlled are alcohol/tobacco/drug use, obesity, diet, exercise, unprotected sexual activity, and child bearing and breast feeding in wom

How the different factors affect the health of any individual?

Individual health depends in part upon a number of factors that a person has control over, including diet, exercise, alcohol and drug use, and stress levels. Those born into f

What factors would influence the capacity of an individual to express consent in health and social care?

it is crucial for a support worker to be aware and take the matter carefully, because the capability to make decitions among individuals are different. it may looks quite simp
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4 determinants of health of an individual?

1. socioeconomic eg. employment, education, income 2. sociocultural eg. family, peers, media, religion, culture 3. environmental eg. geographical location, access to healt
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Different factor the affective the health individual?

  different factor the health affictive   You'll get all of the usual answers about health, etc.., but to me it comes down to the vibe the person puts out as a result