Which is Angola's most famous icon?

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In Angola
The Hammer and Sickle on its flag.
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What does Angola's eat?

In Angola there diet consists of cassava, potatoes, rice, wheat,chicken, fish, and spicy stew. Some restaurant food is veryexpensive so the locals choose to cook at home.

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What is Angola's national food?

The Angolan national food has various and delicious dishes.As we have several tribes and the culture varies from place to place,but the main food are the Muamba,Funge,Calulu,Kizaka,Palm oil beans,Muteta,Kitaba and many more.They are all delicious dishes.

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What are Angola's physical features?

Angola is a country in the Southern regions of Africa. Some of thephysical features you can find in it include rivers, forests, andmountains.

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What time zone is Angola's in?

The time in Angola is always one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+1). The name of the time zone is West Africa Time (WAT).

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What are they most famous?

Wait umm do u no the famous painter he worked for my mom. His name is Siva. He fixed a sink for me. He has 3 kids Kagithna Tharena and yugana . wife manoja

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It could be; The Sydney Opera House The Sydney Harbour Bridge The Kangaroo The Koala Bear The outback Sir Donald Bradman (famous cricketer) Paul Hogan (famous larikin)

What is Angola's most profitable export?

Angola's most profitable export is it's crude light oil. Diamonds, however, are also another major contributor to its export economy. These two exports make up 80% of Angola's national exports.