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Currently we have is grammatically correct.
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Is had no grammatically correct?

You may say "I had no pencil," or you may say "I did not have any pencils" - whichever feels more natural to you. "Had no" would be used when speaking of a singular subject

Which is grammatically correct--if I was or if I were?

Both are correct, with different meaning. If I was introduces a real condition in the past, and if I were introduces an unreal condition in the present. For example: If I was

If you were me or if you were I which is grammatically correct?

You're using the predicate nominative, so the pronoun should technically be in the nominative case (i.e. "If you were I"), but English speakers almost universally say and writ

Is Is that she grammatically correct?

Yes. Let's say the sentence in the order it would be said if it were not a question: That is she. After the linking verb "is" you use a predicate nominative. "She" is the nomi

Is you and me grammatically correct?

The correct grammar is YOU AND I if used as a subject, e.g. ""You & I will have a jolly good time". Correct grammar requires YOU AND ME if used as an object, e.g. "This is jus

Which is grammatically correct was you or were you?

'Were you' is grammatically correct, as it gives us a subject (you), and a time (past), although it is not a full sentence, which requires a location. So you could say 'Were y

Is me and her grammatically correct?

Yes, the noun phrase 'me and her' is grammatically correct.   The pronouns 'me' and 'her' are objective personal pronouns, which  function as the object of a verb or a pr

Which is grammatically correct What I did is or what I did was?

"What I did is" is correct. It does not matter that the doing occurred in the past: it is still what I did, and will always be what I did. The answer below represents a very p

What is grammatically correct she do or she does?

She does is correct, third person singular form of the verb. Theform 'do' is used for the first and second person singular andplural; and the third person plural. The form 'do