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Which is the correct order of phases of the lytic cycle?

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1)Penetration, 2) Biosynthesis>(Early phase - Middle phase - Late phase ) 3)Gene regulation biochemistry, 4)Maturation and lysis, 5) Productive cycle.
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What is the lytic cycle?

The lytic cycle is one of two methods of viral reproduction, the  other being the lysogenic cycle. These cycles should not, however,  be seen as separate, but rather as some

List the five phases of the lytic cycle?

The lytic cycle is one of the cycles of viral reproduction. The  phases of the lyric cycle are penetration, biosynthesis, gene  regulation biochemistry, maturation and lysis

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Most of the cell's life is spent in interphase. The cell increases  in size, then replicates its DNA. After some additional growth, the  cell is ready to divide. Mitotic div

What is the correct order of water cycle?

Evaporation, Transpiration, Condensation , Precipitation Absorptionl, Infiltration, Ground water, and then runoff Those are the steps of the water cycle! made by Trey Cu

Why is the lytic cycle called the lytic cycle?

Lytic refers to lysis which means separate in Greek. When a virus has replicated in a cell, the new viruses made in the cell cause the cell to separate or split open so the vi

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This is astonishing! You're looking at a list, and you can't decide which item on the list is the correct one, but you expect me to pick the correct one without even seeing