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Using coal to generate electricity
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What is sustainable agriculture and how to practice the sustainable agriculture?

The principle of sustainable farming are: 1)People have enough food 2)the farming activities will not affect the quality of our environment in the long run How do we deve

What are sustainable practices?

Sustainable Practices maintain or increase the sustainability of an ecyosystem. some sustainable practices are recycling or helping to return young coho salmon to the rives ne

What are the disadvantages of sustainable LEED practices?

Great question. I am a LEED accredited professional and architect who has had exposure to the design and documentation of LEED buildings. As a brief background, LEED stands

What is a sustainable practice?

A sustainable practice is one that continues after the initial funding to support it ends. In the nonprofit world that might be a program that begins to generate its own incom

What is sustainable practices?

Theseare the practices that fulfill the needs of present generation, keepingin mindthe requirement of the future without disturbing the environment. It isthe preferred method

Why people don't practice sustainable practices?

Sustainable Energies are the practices that fulfill theneeds of present generation, keeping in mind the requirement of the futurewithout disturbing the environment. Our world

How can we practice more sustainable agriculture?

it is more susceptible in angriculture if we apply multi cropping method, through that we can earn money in a separate income depending on your variety of crop you want. Just

What practices in using natural resources are sustainable and which are sustainable?

I think the classic "recycle, reuse, renew" line is applicable here. If we manage to keep using paper, as a given example (though not a natural resource, it is most associated