Which is the only country to fly its flag differently during times of war an peace?

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the phillipines
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What message is communicated by a white flag during the time of war?

Answer . Essentially, a white flag has come to mean "I will not attack you." Example: a person would carry a white flag to approach the enemy lines to discuss exchanging w

What were the flags of Axis countries during world war 2?

Japan: White flag with red dot in middle.. Italy: Left third green, middle third white, right third red.. Germany: Top third black, middle third red, bottom third yellow..

Is war the only answer for peace?

yes war is the only answer for peace if we didn't have war we would all live in a depressed world and we could never travel because the leaders would act like school children

What are the rules for flying an American flag during war?

The American flag should be flown in the same manner during a war as it would be during peacetime:. Flown on every ship or military base from sunrise to sunset, but can be di

How is War only solution for peace?

Many people believe that in order to achieve peace, they must achieve war. I completely disagree with that. War only deepens the problem, takes away lives, and makes peace har