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Which is the world slimmest digital camera?

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Sony's DSC-T7
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What is a digital camera?

A digital camera will save the picture onto a flash memory card instead of on a photosensitive paper (film) that would need to be developed (which is how a regular camera work

What does a digital camera do?

Digital Cameras mainly take photos, but they can have extra features that enable it to do more, like record Video, take photos when a certain amount of movement is detected. M

How did the digital camera change the world?

  Well it made it where people could see the picture they took and decide whether they wanted to keep the picture on there or not, so they don't have to waste film or som

What is digital camera?

It is a camera that can record photographs and stores them  digitally. Most use small removable cards to record the photos on.

What can a digital Camera do?

A digital camera takes photos in a digital format which brings a number of benefits for those wanting to edit images as the image can quickly and easily be transferred onto a

What do digital cameras do?

A digital camera is a camera that stores the pictures and video it  takes in electronic format instead of to film.   Digital camera advantages     LCD screen 

Is a digital camera important to the world?

obviously this one is the best. Digital camera is better. Canon EOS 5D Mark II --> If you're looking for an excellent, full-frame DSLR, the 5D Mk2 is very, very good. It