Which job gets you boxing gloves in Zynga Mafia Wars?

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Any of the jobs in the Soldier tier can potentially drop the Boxing Collection, Gloves item.

The drop is random. One item may be dropped on completing a job, from memory the drop rate appears to be around 1 in 5, but this varies considerably. Any item from the Boxing Collection, Sculptures Collection, Poker Chips Collection or the Club Flush Collection may be dropped.
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What are some of the jobs on MySpace Mafia Wars?

Here are some of the missions on Mafia Wars:. Beat Up Rival Gangster, Collect Protection Money, Rough Up Dealers, Rob a Pimp, Take Out a Rogue Cop, Perform a Hit, Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout, Kill a Protected Snitch, Bust a Made Man Out of Prison, Fight a Haitian Gang, Protect your City against a Riv (MORE)

What are the jobs on Mafia Wars?

\n. \nThe jobs on Mafia Wars are objectives you can do to earn more experience points to level up. Some of the job categories on Mafia Wars are Street Thug Jobs, Associate Jobs, Soldier Jobs, Enforcer Jobs and Hitman Jobs. You can unlock more jobs as you get to higher levels.

What job should you do to get liquor on Mafia Wars?

In order to get liquor on mafiawars you should be an Enforcer which is level 13-17. Some crimes require prep work to make sure the job goes down smoothly, so you gotta buy those jobs preparation. There, you can buy tokens, cards, and Wiretap Devices. Good luck.

What jobs for what items in Mafia Wars?

To get these items (1st phrase), do the Job located beside it. These are the current items I know. [I've also put up some stuff which you know cannot get e.g. Bullet-Proof Bentley] . Stab-Proof Vest --- Kill A Protected Snitch . Bodyguards --- Protect Your City Against A Rival Family . Night Vis (MORE)

On Mafia Wars how do you get the boxing collectibles?

first, keep playing the specific tier that gives u the collectible (can be found out on the vaults and collections page) then keep doin the job over and over again untiol u receive that collected item. NOTE: You may or may not get a different item each time, which is y it is necessary to vary which (MORE)

Which job will get the boxing ring in Mafia Wars?

Should be any of the soldier jobs but so far I had no luck getting it; I think it has a very low drop rate Thanks, I know it's under the soldier jobs. Usually, they have certain things you can get under certain jobs of the tier. I was told last night by one of my mafia she's gotten it several times (MORE)

How do you request help with Mafia Wars jobs?

First you must do the job, and then up at the point where it says that job completed it outlines what you did, what you got and what you spent, on its right side it says "earn a job bonus and get help" Tom This is not always an option, you cannot manually request help if that option does not sh (MORE)

Which job in Mafia Wars is it to get sculptures?

Click Inventory, then Collections & Vault. Now scroll through the list and look at the title of each collection. Right next to the title is the name of the job tier that will give you those items. For example, next to "Diamond Flush Collection", it says "Street Thug Tier". That means you have to per (MORE)

Where are the Boxing Trunks in Mafia Wars?

Click Inventory, then Collections & Vault. Now scroll through the list and look at the title of each collection. Right next to the title is the name of the job tier that will give you those items. For example, next to "Diamond Flush Collection", it says "Street Thug Tier". That means you have to per (MORE)

What jobs get you the opal ring on Mafia Wars?

hit man jobs. if you go to the collections screen, then it will tell you above the collection you are tryin to get. and aslo if your doin a job, and it has that question mark beside that job, then you should just put ur mouse over the (loot question mark) and it will tell u wat u can get on that job (MORE)

What loot do you get from what jobs in Mafia Wars?

Underneath the money and experience earned some jobs will say chance of loot and next to them is a bag and then a question mark. If you put your cursor over the question mark it will tell you what you get from doing that job. Keep in mind though that not all jobs will have loot items so only the job (MORE)

What are the job mastery awards in Mafia Wars?

Cuba Mastery Items . El Soldado (Tier 1) reward: El Rey Roadster Vehicle: 40 Attack, 34 Defense . El Capitan (Tier 2) reward: Guerilla Commando Armor: 38 Attack, 35 Defense . El Jefe (Tier 3) reward: Avispa Machine Gun Weapon: 54 Attack, 24 Defense . El Patron (Tier 4) reward: Che's Beret Armor: (MORE)

What is the best job on Mafia Wars?

The jobs just keep coming as you improve your person. The higher level you are the better jobs you get. The better rewards/loot you receive. - Kgomi The boss misson in Enforcer tier gives the best expreince , higher your level higher will be the exprience points. therefore its the best job (MORE)

What is the Final boss job in Mafia Wars?

Mafia Wars New York : Travel to the Old Country, Boss Tier Job Level 100+ Mafia Wars Cuba : Meet With "The Russian", El Cacique Tier Job Level 151+ Mafia Wars Moscow : Still Waiting for this section

What job do you get the pnv in Mafia Wars?

Enter Moscow and unlock Episode 2, Boets.Locate Reroute An Equipment Shipment and move your cursor over the yellow colored box, Chance to loot. You can loot drop The Personal Night Vision or PNV by performing this job. I hope this answers your question! Paul Bederio FB MWs Addict

How do you get help on a job in Mafia Wars?

to get a job help in Mafia Wars, you will need to click the "ask mafia for help" button on a desired job tier and post it in the wall and your mafia friends will help you finish the job.

Which job is it to get an pilot in Mafia Wars?

There is no item called "pilot". The image of a pilot is for the item "Private Jet", which is available as a loot drop on the Make a deal with the Mexican cartel on the Boss tier in New York. Like all loot drops, it is also available as a random drop from fights, and through gifting by other playe (MORE)

How do you do jobs with no energy in Mafia Wars?

you cannot do any job in Mafia Wars without any energy because that's the requirement for you to be able to do a job. but you can help a friend in your mafia family complete a job by contributing in the job assist and you can also get exp and cash from the activity.

What job do you to get car parts in Mafia Wars?

Any job may drop regular car parts, and any job may drop chop shop pieces. The special car parts, like "Thai Car Parts" or "Cuban Car Parts", drop in any job in the appropriate city/country...

Mafia war not working when you click on jobs?

probaly because your browser sucks or your internet is really slow.or your computer is old.if it's not any of these then u should check if u have the highest version of firefox or what ever u use.if still not that u shold check if u have the latest version of adobe flash player,shock wave player,and (MORE)