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Which medication is used to deaden pain?

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Which medication is used to deaden pain?
Analgesics or pain-killers. But only your doctor can prescribe them to you.
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What are the different pain medication?

What are the different pain medication?

There's many, many, many, many different kinds but a few common ones are oxycontin, morphine, vicadin.

What pain medication can i use while on suboxone?

Anything that's not an opiate because suboxone blocks opiates so they wont work and if you take an opiate you can put yourself into withdrawal immediately if on suboxone.

What medication is used any alt for an opiate addict for pain management?

Addiction what a bummerin my have been there done that unprofessional opinion, the drug that is killing America today is Oxycontin in any mg. and look out for methadone to try

What is the best medication for ear pain?

  Answer   A tried and true home cure is olive oil. 2-3 drops in ear, 2-3 times a day. NEVER put anything cold in your ear (very painful). Warm olive oil to body temp

What are the most painful medical conditions?

In my studies I have found these conditions to be presumably the most painful known to medical science. In no particular order: Cluster Headache Trigeminal Neuralgia Paroxys
Is there pain medication for kidney pain?

Is there pain medication for kidney pain?

Demerol (meperidine) is a good pain medication for most with kidney pain. It is often combined with an antiemetic (antinausea medication) such as phenergan.
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What are substitute pain medications for opiates?

Answer   NSAID's which are used for both pain and inflammation but can be uspeting to the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. There is also a medication called tramadol w