Which metals are used to make varakh?

The varakh is made of the intestines of animals. Such as oxen and specially Rabbit's.
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What metals are used to make flutes?

Most are made of brass, plated with nickel silver. Better  instruments may be plated with sterling sliver and some really fine  instruments (costing thousands of dollars) ha (MORE)

Metal Used for Jewelry Making

The metals that are used in jewelry making play a very important role in the appearance, cost, and durability of the jewelry. There are many different metals that people use w (MORE)

Craft Tips: Tools For Metal Jewelry Making

Jewelry making utilizes materials like metals, beads, gemstones, woods, yarns, and threads and transforms them into wearable art. Every piece of jewelry is the product of your (MORE)

Things You Need to Know About Metal Soldering

Metal soldering is a process that is commonly associated to making homemade jewelry. It involves joining two metals together through the means of metal solders, filler materia (MORE)

Soldering Metals to Create Jewelry

Soldering metals has been in existence since ancient times. However, it remains one of the easiest and most widely used techniques in securing metal joints. This is especially (MORE)

Characteristics and Examples of Metal ETFs

To gain exposure to a commodity industry and increase the diversity of your portfolio, purchase a commodity ETF. A metal ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is your best option sinc (MORE)
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What is Heavy Metal Music?

Heavy metal is a genre of rock music used by many famous musicians as their claim to fame. This long list includes such greats as Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. What st (MORE)

What metal is used to make cars?

The most common material is steel. It is reasonably cheap and easy to press into shape for body parts. The next best is aluminium. It is lighter, but harder to bend into tig (MORE)

Metal used to make salt?

Salt, made up of Sodium and Chloride(metal, and ion, respectively) is a mineral. So, I guess, yeah.
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