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Which metals are used to make varakh?

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The varakh is made of the intestines of animals. Such as oxen and specially Rabbit's.
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What metal is used to make brass?

Copper and Zinc are combined to make brass. You can change how much of either is in the mix to get different properties in the brass.

Which metals are used to make varakh the shiny foil that is used to garnish sweetmeats?

I think it is made of mud mixed in water and then put musk deers navel in it.. I am an engineer in puppooo the country of gods... My salary is 20000000000/- monthly... I m ver
What is the metal used to make a nickel?

What is the metal used to make a nickel?

A US nickel is an alloy of 25% nickel and 75% silver.   Current Canadian nickels are made of plated steel. Older ones are made of pure nickel.

What metal is used to make cutlery?

The most popular metal for cutlery is steel, an iron based alloy. Also, rarer alloys such as Stellite, Talonite - Cobalt based alloys, and Titanium based alloys. The list of s

What metal is used for making knives?

 About Steel - Steel is an alloy -that is a melding of two or more  different ingredients. And in the case of tool steel it is a  combination of Iron and Carbon. Pure Iron