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Which section is responsible for handeling claims relating to property damage injuries or fatalties at an incident?

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Finance/ administration section
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If a limb that hangs over the property of a neighbor falls from a tree growing on your property and causes injury to the neighbor or damage to the house who is responsible?

No one is liable for an act of nature. The neighbors own home  insurance policy would cover damages to his home. It does not  matter if it's your tree, the neighbors tree or

What are the statutes of limitations for filing a bodily injury and or property damage claim in Missouri?

\nConsult an attorney for specifics, but in Missouri:\n. \nPersonal Injury: For most personal injury based upon negligent conduct, 5 years. For most personal injury resulting
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Which section chief is responsible for recording personnel time maintaining vendor contracts administering compensation and claims conducting an overall cost analysis for the incident?

A Finance/Administration Chief is assigned when there is a need for  financial and administrative support for an incident. This  individual is responsible for recording pers