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Which string instrument has the most strings?

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it is a harp

Wrong - the answer is the piano.

The piano is not formally a member of the string family ... the manner in which sound is produced on the piano uses percussive effects - hammers striking keys, therefore, the piano is really a member of the percussion family.

ok, but since hammers inside the piano hammer on strings, I think it is a part of the string family. Also because "stringinstrument" doesn't mean how the strings are played.
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What a thicker string has in a string instrument?

Instruments strung with thicker (heavier gauge) strings produce more volume and improved tone. However, the string tension is increased which makes the guitar a little harder

How many strings are usually on a string instrument?

The usual number varies with the instrument. Violins and ukuleles have four. Guitars usually have six, but some have as many as 11. Mandolins usually have 8 strings but some

How many strings do modern string instruments have?

The classical string instruments: violin, viola, cello and bass normally have 4 strings. Violin: E(highest), A, D, G(lowest); Viola: A(highest), D, G, C(lowest); Cello: A(high