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Which string instrument has the most strings?

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it is a harp

Wrong - the answer is the piano.

The piano is not formally a member of the string family ... the manner in which sound is produced on the piano uses percussive effects - hammers striking keys, therefore, the piano is really a member of the percussion family.

ok, but since hammers inside the piano hammer on strings, I think it is a part of the string family. Also because "stringinstrument" doesn't mean how the strings are played.
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What stringed instrument has the most strings?

Harpsichord A standard Harpsichord has 2 strings per note and typically has 5 octaves per manual (keyboard). This would be 120 strings. Some Harpsichords have 2 manuals (keybo

When were string instruments the most popular?

String instruments have been popular for a long time but if i had to choose a time i would choose the Renaissance period. which was from about the 1400's to the 1600's. Also e

What are the strings on string instruments made of?

Usually they are made out of copper or nylon. Usually for fingerpicking or beginners, it is pregerred to use nylon. For strumming or for advanced players they use copper. th

What is the most modern string instrument?

The electric bass, guitar. I have seen electric violins made with sintectic materials. But, the slide is the most modern of all.

What a thicker string has in a string instrument?

Instruments strung with thicker (heavier gauge) strings produce more volume and improved tone. However, the string tension is increased which makes the guitar a little harder