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Which term is defined as the payment an insured makes to the insurance company on a regular schedule?

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What is payment for insurance?

  Payment of insurance is nothing but the premium paid towards the insurance policy. The premium amount includes the charge of coverage per unit (for example, the charge o

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How do insurance companies define sports cars?

Insurance Definition of Sports Car They usually go by horsepower, stock and aftermarket modifications (i.e. turbo or superchargers), etc. They will usually know if you have a

What is term lending by insurance companies?

insurance companies are important sources of term loans. The premiums generated constitute advances to the insurance companies for periods varying from six months to five more

Do health insurance companies make a profit?

  Of course health insurance companies make a profit. And since they are publicly held companies, it's easy to see figure this out.     The key figure to watch is c

How does an insurance company benefit from insurance?

When an insured purchases an insurance policy they pay the  insurance company money for the insurance coverage. This money the  insurance company collects is called insuranc

What does the insurance company do?

Insurance company claims to support you financially at time of crisis.. You can invest in all the plans like life insurance,health insurance,auto insurance,travel insurance et