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You can get company vehicle insurance at

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Q: How can I get my company vehicle insured in Montana?
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Will progressive insurance pay for an uninsured vehicle if the at fault vehicle was insured by them?

The insurance status of the victim's vehicle is irrelevant. The at-fault insurance company will pay for your damages whether your car is insured or not.

Can a vehicle be insured by a personal policy if a company bought the vehicle for an individual?

Who owns the car, the co or the person?

Would i be insured if iam 20yrs old driving a hire car are you insured by the hire company to drive a vehicle?

The hire company will insist on some form of insurance.

Does a new vehicle need to be insured with a company in the state where it was purchased?

A car must be insured by a company authorized to write policies in the state where the owner or primary operator resides.

How do you know if a car was insured in the year 2008?

Call the insurance company that the owner uses and ask them if it was insured. If you aren't sure what insurance company was used, DMV records should say whether the vehicle was insured or not.

If your insured with one company and you drive another vehicle that's insured by another company and you get into an accident wich insurance company pays for it?

The Owners Vehicle Policy offers primary first pay coverage. Any policy carried by the driver would invoke as secondary coverage.

What company has New York state insurance code 994?

994 means the vehicle is self-insured by the company it is registered to. Example : the NYPD uses 994 to indicate that they are self-insured.

Can insure a vehicle twice?

You cannot insure a vehicle twice. Each vehicle needs to be insured with only one company at a time for all drivers.

How do you find out which insurance company insured a particular car at a particular time?

by asking the owner of the vehicle.

What company has insurance code 999 in NY?

Code 999 is typically a self-insured vehicle

If Im not the original owner of vehicle how do I get insured on the vehicle?

You do not have to be the original owner to be on the insurance. You just need to call the insurance carriers company and ask that you be added as a driver on that vehicle.

What insurance companies provide company vehicle insurance in Miami, FL?

It is very important too keep your company vehicle insured. I would suggest contacting AllState insurance for a quote.