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Sex is not the most googled word. Facebook has been googled much more, but if you don't approve a website as a word, then I can tell you that "free" has been googled more than "sex" too.

The thing that person wrote over this, is wrong. Yes Facebook have min googled a lot more, but a lot of small words like "the" "a" "in" has min googled a lot more. But the word that has been googled the most is once in for all the simple word

Well, yes, that's true, but you can't really say that people google "of" because they're wondering what that is, "of" is just a word in a sentence which is less googled less than "free". But i guess you can say "facebook" is the most googled noun, "free" is the most googled adjective and that "of" is the most googled preposition.

who cares? sug ballene mine pus :)
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What are the most Googled words?

The most googled word in the country changes from day to day.  Sports figures make up many of the most googled words. For  instance, Derek Jeter was the most googled term on