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What is the value of a 1913 US 10.00 bill?

Answer . The U.S. did not print $10 bills with that date. You may have a note that was issued by a private bank, which was allowed at that time. You'll need to have it eva

What is a 1934 10.00 bill worth?

At most, it would be at least worth about 70 dollars. If not, then the current amount of $10.00 would still be worth $10.

Who is on the 10.00 bill?

Assuming you are referring to the United States of America currency, it is Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. See the link below. (Many years ago, Andrew Jackson was on the

What is the value of a 10.00 confederate bill?

The likelihood that your bill is real is quite small. A number of companies have been printing replica notes since the 1920s and selling them as novelties and display items. T

Who is face on a 10.00 bill?

The first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton is currently featured on one side of the United States ten-dollar bill, while the U.S. Treasury is featured on the
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Which president is on a 10.00 dollar bill?

The last president on US $10 bills was Andrew Jackson on Series 1914 Federal Reserve Notes. Since Series 1928, the only person on the US $10 Federal Reserve notes, despite sev