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The first recorded: 1928 - Texas Alexander - The House Of The Rising Sun -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNPvaHD6j-Y&feature=player_detailpage

The oldest known recording was made in 1933 by Appalachian artists, Clarence Ashley and Gwen Foster. Ashley claimed he'd learned the song from his grandfather.

It was then recorded on September 15, 1937 by Georgia Turner, the 16-year-old daughter on a Kentucky miner. Then it was recorded by Bert Martin, and another time by Daw Henson.

On November 3, 1938, the song was recorded by Roy Acuff. And in 1941 by Woody Guthrie.

A recording made in 1947 by Josh White, was released by Mercury Records in 1950.

Lead Belly recorded the song twice, once in 1944 and once in 1948. In 1957, Glen Yarbrough released a version.

Ronnie Gilbert sang the song on one of The Weavers albums. Frankie Laine recorded the song in 1959. Joan Baez did so in 1960, followed the same year by Miriam Mabeka.

Bob Dylan recorded it for his debut album. And Dave Van Ronk recorded it shortly after. Nina Simone recorded the song in 1962. It was record in Spanish by Los Speakers.

The Chambers Brothers released a version. And much later, the band Muse made a recording for The War Child Charity.

Frijid Pink had a top ten hit with the song in 1970. And Dolly Parton had a top 100 hit in 1981.

The most famous version of the song however was recorded by the British band The Animals in 1964.

Counting all these up, you get 22 artists/bands, however I'm sure there are many more versions out there.
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The House of The Rising Sun was originally recorded in 1933 by Tom Ashley and Gwen Foster, though it's much older than that.   No. http://www.last.fm/music/Frijid+Pink/_

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