Who are the greek gods of mythology?

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dude. it would take me 8 hours to tell you all of them. you have your titans cronas uranios and on and on and on. then there are the Olympians. dionysis, posidon, Hermes, Zeus, ares, Apollo and eros. you have hades who does not have a thrown on Olympus and then all of the demi gods who are half mortal and half god. like Hercules and theseus and perseus and on adn on adn on
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What greek gods are on mythology island?

There are chief gods and goddesses that play a role on Mythology Island. . Zeus - "king of the gods" is seen as upset with sharing power with his "brothers" Hades and Posei
In Greek and Roman Mythologies

In greek mythology the chief god was?

In greek mythology the chief god was Zeus god of the sky and of thunder because he wielded around a thunderbolt. Apollo is considered to be chief of the Greek Gods. There are