Who are the physicists of Maharashtra?

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i know 5 of them
1. homi k bhaba
2. r y deshpande
3. anil kadokar
4. jayant narlikar
5. shiraz minwalla
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Climate of Maharashtra?

Summer: March, April and May are the hottest months. During April and May thunderstorms are common all over the state. Temperature varies between 22°C-39°C during this season. Rainy: Rainfall starts normally in the first week of June. July is the wettest month in Maharashtra, while August (MORE)

What does a physicist do?

Answer . Physicists study the natural world, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. They do experiments to discover the laws of nature. They study what things are made of (matter) and how things behave. They also study energy. They learn how it changes from one form to anot (MORE)

What is a physicist?

A physicist is a person who studies physics and does research inthis field. There are a number of types of physicists includingtheoretical and practical.

What does a physicist study?

A physicist is a person who studies physics. The study of Physics is the study of the motion and behavior of all known objects and energy in the universe. A physicist studies physics. Physics is the science of modelling the universe around us in an attempt to understand the universe, and to predic (MORE)

Crops in maharashtra?

Crops that are grown in Maharashtra are tobacco, sugarcane,vegetables, turmeric and cotton which are the main cash crops.Maharashtra is very dependent on the production of these crops.

What is a theoretical physicist?

Theoretical physicists employ mathematical models and abstractions of physics in an attempt to explain experimental data taken of the natural world without actually performing experiments.

What do physicists study?

The term "Physicist" was coined by English philosopher, priest, and historian of science William Whewell in 1840, to denote a cultivator of physics. A physicist is a scientist who study and practices physics. There are a variety of branches of physics from studies in sub atomic particles to studies (MORE)

Who is the best physicist?

There is no definitive answer to this. Most people might just blurt out "Albert Einstein" because he's the only one they know. As a physicist myself, here are my personal top five: 1. Isaac Newton The three laws of motion, even though incorrect in the ultrarelativistic limit, still remain th (MORE)

What nationality was physicist Niels Bohr?

Neils Bohr was a Danish physicist. He made contributions to theunderstanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which hereceived the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

Who is an Irish physicist?

There are many of them. Here are a few: John Tyndall. George Francis Fitzgerald. Robert Boyle. Lochlainn O'Raifeartaigh. George J. Stoney.

What are the attitudes of a physicist?

Great question. No short answer!. Read anything by Richard Feynman to find out. Einstein also published his writings on politics and philosophy. Even Newton published a great deal on his philosophy of thinking about the universe.. Newton's rules of reason combine some of the best:. 1) Nature does (MORE)

Who are the great physicist?

Physicists are the ones that specialized in the research ofphysics. Some of the greatest physicists are Isaac Newton, GalileoGalilei, Max Curie and Albert Einstein.

Characteristics of physicist?

physicists try to look and identify the basic principle in complicated natural phenomenas . physicists have a bad had writing. they do not care much about their clothes . physicists are different in all the ways from the common people ,not by birth but due to their choices and decisions in life.

Filipino physicists their contributions?

introduced or developed accelerator chips that improved computer performance, helped make the internet possible by contributing to the development of the Ethernet controller chip, created the local bus concept for personal computers.

Who are the Filipino physicist?

The following are Filipino Physicists: . Jose Juliano . Felix Maramba . Josefino Comiso . Paulo Campos . Diosdado Banatao . Arturo Alcaraz

Who is the first physicist?

There probably won't be a consensus, but many scientists would agree that Sir Issac Newton was the first person to "do things" that a physicist does.\n. \nYou might argue it was Galileo, or Archimedes, or any one of several possible Asian or Middle Eastern scientists from hundreds of years ago, but (MORE)

What are the occupations of maharashtra?

Agriculture is the main occupation (64% of the population), withmain crops being rice, jowar, bajra, wheat, pulses, turmeric,onions, cotton, sugarcane, and many oil seeds (including groundnut,sunflower and soyabean). Maharashtra is an industrialized state ofIndia.

What is quantum physicist?

A quantum physicist is one who works on quantum physics. Quantum physics are concerned with the small particles of physics (ie: the nuon, gluon, quarks and string theory). These are sub-atomic particles (ie: they make up the bits that make up atoms [protons, neutrons, electrons]). String theory is a (MORE)

Was Edison a physicist?

Despite popular belief, Edison was not a scientist of any sort. He was a business man who had people do the work for him. He was also a total turd to Nikola Tesla.

Who is physicist ohm?

Georg Ohm was a German Physicist who developed the Ohm unit (Ω), the SI unit of electrical resistance.

What is an aero physicist?

An aero physicist is a physicist with a specialization in aerospace. This means that the physicist has experience with aeronautics or astronautics.

What is a polish physicist?

Wiki answwers can't answer this question please refraise it or try another approach THANKS FOR TRYING . ALEXIS DIXON .

What is the work of physicist?

Their job is a hard one, they will have to ind out what is disturbing the patient and to treat them, it is a long process as they take time to get well.

What is the no of talakus in maharashtra?

District District Subdivision Tehsils . Sindhudurg district. Kankavli. Devgad. Vaibhavwadi. Kankavli. Malwan. Sawantwadi. Sawantwadi. Vengurla. Kudal. Dodamarg. Ratnagiri district. Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri. Sangameshwar. Lanja. Rajapur. Chiplun. Chiplun. Guhagar. Dapoli. Mandan (MORE)

Who is a quantum physicist?

A quantum physicist is a person who studies the movement and interaction of subatomic particles. Well to be a bit more specific, a quantum physicist is a physicist whose research revolves around the use and/or study of the implications and predictions of quantum physics with the goal of furtherin (MORE)

What are the responsibilities of a physicist?

There are several types of physicists, each with their ownspecialized responsibilities. For example, nuclear physicists maybe involved with designing and implementing experiments.

Are physicist doctors?

if they have studied for a doctorate degree (PhD), then yes. it is currently the highest level of education, and if studying for a doctorate, you do not learn as such, but produce your own theories. if you are referring to a doctor as in doctors and nurses, then the answer may also be yes. radiolog (MORE)

10 famous physicist and their contributions?

Isaac Newton quantified and qualified the laws of motion and gravity. He also invented the reflecting telescope and co-invented the mathematic process of calculus. Albert Einstein developed theories of relativity, and won a Nobel Prize for his work on the photoelectric effect. Galileo Galilei i (MORE)

Who are some foreign physicists and what are their contributions?

It would depend on what country you are in as to who is considered foreign. Some famous physicists are: . William Gilbert (England): Gave the hypothesis that the world was a giant magnet . Willebrod Snell (Dutch): Snell's Law . Sir Isaac Newton (England): Many theories on gravity . Daniel B (MORE)

15 foreign physicist and their contribution?

1.Archimedes(Greece) - Principle of buoyancy; principle of lever 2.Galileo Galilei ( Italy) - Law of inertia 3.Christian Huygens ( Holland) - Wave theory of light 4.Issac Newton(UK) - Universal law of gravitation; law of motion;Reflecting telescope 6.Michael Faraday (UK) - Law of electromagnetic ind (MORE)

Who is the 10 foreign physicist?

albert einstein . isaac newton . stephen hawking . Galileo galilei . aristotle . enrico fermi . nikolai tessla . marie and pierre curie . christian doppler

Is a physicist and a astronimer the same?

No, a physicist studies motion, energy and similar things. An astronomer studies objects in space, though not necessarily the physics of those objects. People who study the physics of objects in space are called astrophysicists.

What do you have to do to become a physicist?

Take all the math and science you can get your hands on in High School and college, and when you graduate from college, stay in college, take more science and math, find out some things that nobody has ever found out before, and hang around with Physicists.

How could physicists find the graviton?

A space-borne observatory; consisting of spacecraft that fire lasers at each other and use interferometry to detect minute phase changes, with many millions of kilometres between each spacecraft; may be able to detect gravitational waves, which are coherent states of many gravitons. Detecting single (MORE)

Is stephen hawking a physicist?

Yes indeed, Professor Stephen Hawking among other things is considered a physicist, astrophysicist, theoretical physicist, mathematician, cosmologist, and author.

Who are physicists what do physicist do?

· A physicist is a scientist who does research in physics . Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many branches of physics spanning all length scales: from sub-atomic particles of which all ordinary matter is made ( particle physics ) to the behavio (MORE)

What is a physicist scientist?

A scientist that studies Physics (Fizz-zicks) which is the study of all physical things e.g matter, energy and light :) Hope this helped

Where can a physicist work?

Physics is a branch of science. Science can bn used in all and physics its part. We know the answer and finding question is physics? It works on nature, forces,heat, and the matter visible and invisible./

Where is matheran in maharashtra?

In Maharashtra matheran is located in Raigad district. It is wellconnected from Mumbai and Pune by rail way upto the Neral JunctionStation, after neral you will get small Toy Train. It will take youfrom zigzag route after 2 Hrs you will there in the matheran hillstation.

How is a physicist defined?

A physicist is a scientist that specializes in the field ofphysics, which is the study of the structure and mechanics ofmatter and energy.