Who are the toughest US Special Operations Force?

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SEALs, Army Special Forces, Marine Reconnaissance, Pararescue Jumpers and Combat Controllers (PJ/CCT) all are the same but in different uniforms. Seems that youre looking for a black white answer but its really not important. All have same training. Air Force does get the highest academic types from college and high school. They make very good agents after leaving the service - CIA, FBI, narcs.

Sea duty is hard and Army, Air Force, Marine personnel don't do it, though they scuba as much as Navy people.
Israeli commandos regularly train with PJs/CCTs and they make the toughest commandos
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Are the US Navy SEALs the toughest US military force?

This question calls for an opinion-based answer. All the special operations forces of America are tough. WhetherGreen Beret,Pararescuemen, Combat Controller, Marine Recon,

What country has the best Special Operations Forces?

The Australian SASR special forces. It is almost impossible to pass the 21 day selection course and if you do there is a further 18 months of training before you become a SAS

Which US Special Operation Force is the most extensively trained in urban warfare?

They all have extensive training in urban warfare. There is no single SOF unit that has more training than another in this area. Every combat unit goes through MOUT, or Milita
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How much of the total force does special operations forces comprise?

SOCOM has approximately 66,000 people, as of early 2014. Thisincludes all five component commands: USASOC, NSWC, AFSOC, MARSOC,and JSOC. However, not all of these 66,000 servi
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What are the truths in Special Operations Forces?

The Five Truths of SOF are: 1) Humans are more important than hardware. 2) Quality is better than quantity. 3) SOF cannot be mass produced. 4) Competent SOF cannot be created