Who birthed Zeus?

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In Greek Mythology Rhea and Cronos bore Zeus. Cronos was birthed by Uranus and Gaia.
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What is the story of Zeus' birth?

Cronus, was the first God of the Universe and was the only Titan brave and willing enough to follow Gaia(the Earth)'s wishes and kill the evil Uranus (the Sky) who imprisoned

Why did Zeus gave birth to Athenas?

Zeus and Metis were going to have a daughter or son. He found out that if he had a son, his son would overthrow him like Zeus did to Kronos. Zeus tricked Metis into turning in

Zeus' circumstances of birth?

Zues was the son of Gaia god of Earth and Cronos, god of time, he would eat every child that Gaia produced for him because he had a fear that one of his sons would overthrow h

What is Zeus' parentage and birth story?

Kronos and the goddess of the earth fathered Zeus and other children. Kronos ate Zeus and the children, and someone fed Kronos something that made him throw up the kids, who w
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What was the special circumstances of Zeus birth?

I don't know what you mean by "special" but when Zeus was born, Rhea (his mother) hid him and gave his father a fake baby to eat. Zeus was then raised by another person but re
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What is Zeus notable birth?

Zeus was born by the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Cronus was notorious for being a very jealous and greedy deity. Out of the fear one of his children could take his throne, Cronus
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When did Zeus give birth to Jesus?

Zeus is a god of the ancient Greek pantheon and is not mentioned in the Bible. The Bible says that Mary gave birth to Jesus.