Who created the TV show Happy Days?

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Garry Marshall
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Will the TV show Seven Days be on DVD?

Considering the show ended its run in 2001, there are obviously noplans to release the show on DVD. You might be able to find fan made sets online but buyer beware.

Who created the TV show 'friends'?

It was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and produced by Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane. . For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated below.

Who created the TV show Iron Chef?

There are actually two TV Shows Iron Chef. The original Iron Chef was created by Fuji Television in Japan. The Iron Chef America show is based on this show and was created by Food Network USA TV channel. The show is extremely popular and is viewed all over the world.

Who created the TV show Dynasty?

The television show "Dynasty" was created by Richard and EstherShapiro. It ran from 1981 until 1989 and was aired on the ABCnetwork.

Who are the supporting characters of the tv show Happy Days?

I guess it depends on which characters are considered the be "supporting characters". Just so there's no debate, here's what can be considered the main cast:. Richie Cunningham: Ron Howard. Arthur "Fonzie" / "The Fonz" Fonzarelli: Henry Winkler. Howard "Mr. C." Cunningham: Tom Bosley. Marion "Mr (MORE)

Who created the TV show Three's Company?

The 169 episodes that aired 1977-1984 list Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, and Bernie West as the creators. But that, as they say, is the tip of the iceberg. Nicholl, Ross, and West were brought in around 1976 to improve on an earlier version done by Larry Gelbart, of M*A*S*H fame. Gelbart had been (MORE)

Who created the TV show The White Shadow?

Ken Howard, who played Coach Reeves, based the character off hisold high school coach and pitched the idea for a show to BrucePaltrow, who officially created the show, though Howard had a bighand in it too.

Who created the TV show Sanford and Son?

In 1971, Producers Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear, who are also responsible for creating other hit 1970s TV shows such as "All In The Family", "Maude", "The Jeffersons" and "Good Times" developed the show from the hit British ITV series "Steptoe and Son" which was created by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, (MORE)

When was the first TV show on television?

The first television broadcasts were experimental, low resolution (30 line). The first "real" programme broadcast in 405 line resolution was by the BBC in 1936; broadcasting to around 100 viewers in the London area. It was a variety show starting with a song ("Here's looking at you"), which became t (MORE)

Who created the TV show Doctor Who?

Doctor Who was created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson and was first broadcast in 1963.. The revived series was brought back to the screen in 2005 by Russell T. Davies.

What tv show was the song Happy Together the theme song?

Using google I found the show was called Live-In and starred Lisa Patrick. First I found Happy Together as a TV theme at: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.lyrics/browse_thread/thread/8c80bf2c1bd89de1 then I found Live-In at: http://www.film.com/tv/live-in/21330239 Haven't foun (MORE)

On the TV show Happy Days who was Chuck?

Chuck was Richie's older brother who sat down with the family in season two and was never seen or mentioned again. Chuck was suppose to be Richie's mentor but after the success of The Fonz. He was written out of the show. He was played by Gavan O' Herliy in the first season and Randolph Roberts in t (MORE)

Who created the TV show The Price is Right?

Contrary to what most game show fans might think, it was in fact Bob Stewart, not Mark Goodson, who created The Price is Right back in the 1950s. At the time, Stewart was a staff member for the Goodson-Todman production team and not only served as a producer, but also created two other Goodson-To (MORE)

Who created the TV show Prison Break?

Paul T. Scheuring is the original creator of the series. He has not written for the series since he wrote the finale to season 2 and the first episode of season 3. Some believe the downturn in the series writing is directly related to his quiet departure from the show. As is typical, he is still cre (MORE)

What days is the tv show glee on?

i know it is definitely on at 9:00-10:00pm every monday on channel 28 (E4) i also think it is on at the weekends on channel 4 or 4+1 but i am not sure

When was the Popeye tv show created?

"The Popeye Show" debuted November 11, 2001 . Answer: Although the Popeye cartoons (some as old as 1933 vintage) were present on TV for several years earlier. Popeye the Sailor was an animated TV series produced for ABC through King Features Syndicate that ran from 1960 to 1962

What ever happened to the actress who played Joanie Cunningham on the TV show Happy Days?

Happy Days actress Erin Moran has not worked much since the spin off show Joanie Loves Chachi , making TV guest appearances here and there. In 2011, Moran and several other Happy Days actors sued CBS Television claiming they were due royalties from the continued use of their character images on (MORE)

Who created the TV show The Wire?

David Simon created it. 52 yrs of age, an author, journalist and producer. He wrote Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets and co-wrote The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood with Ed Burns.

Who created the Supernatural TV show?

Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke. It started out on the WB network in 2005 but was matriculated to the CW network. It is produced by Warner Brothers and deals with supernatural happenings with the Winchester brothers San and Dean.

Who created the TV show Unforgettable?

The TV show Unforgettable was created by Ed Redlich. The show first went to air in 2011 and so far 22 episodes have been made. It stars Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh.

Who created the TV show Rich Girls?

The TV show Rich Girls was created by MTV. It was a reality show from 2003 that followed the lives of two daughters of wealthy businessmen Ally Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher.

Who created the television show Terriers?

The television show Terriers was created by Ted Griffin. It first aired on FX on September 8 2010, and ran until December 10, 2010, however it was then cancelled after only one series.

Who was it that created the TV show Oz?

The American producer and writer, Tom Fontana, created the TV show "Oz". He had a part in writing all 56 episodes of "Oz". He won a Primetime award for his writing works in "Oz".