Who decides the designs on the stamp?

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For a long time the Postmaster General decided what should go on stamps. However, when Congress began passing legislation requiring certain subjects be honored, in 1957 the Postmaster General created a committee to review the ideas of the entire public. The committee includes stamp collectors as well as government officials.
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Who chooses postage stamp designs?

The Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee decides on the new postagestamp designs. These members are appointed to their position by thepost master general.

Who designed the first british stamp?

The "Penny Black" is considered the first ever postage stamp. It was introduced by the British for entirely internal use in 1840. It was called the "Penny Black" because it wa

Why are the borders of stamps designed the way they are?

The designs of stamps and their borders serve a number of functions. The biggest is to provide a frame for the vignette, or the picture in the middle. The other is to make i

US stamps with capital letter A designation?

When the U.S. Post Office is trying to get a rate hike approved and wants to be prepared with new stamps, then instead of printing the amount of the postage, the Post Office p

Who designs US postage stamps?

Lots of people! Sometimes there will be competitions for designs that allow artists to submit drawings and artwork for the stamps. The US Postal Service has a group that forma

Who decides the prices of stamps?

The government normally determines the cost of postage. If your are referring to collectable stamps, the price is set by the market. Rarity is the single most important fact

Who decides what goes on a postage stamp?

It is done by an advisory committee. There are stamp collectors, historians and USPS people on the committee. They make suggestions to the head of the USPS and they make the
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