Who did Adolf Hitler kill?

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Anyone mentally or physically handicapped
And anyone that didnt agree with him
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Did Adolf Hitler kill his wife?

no his wife also wanted to die but FYI she also commited suicide by poisoning herself by putting the poison in the water that she drank :) glad i can help.

What people did Adolf Hitler kill?

Six million European Jewsand millions of people in other groups , including ethnic Poles, the Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homo

Did Adolf Hitler kill jews?

YES! it is what we hated about him. He killed six million Jews. Healso killed many gypsies, gays, people with disabilities, andpossibly other races. BASICALLY anyone he hated

How did Adolf Hitler kill homosexuals?

The Nazis deported them to concentration camps along with Jews, gypsies, the disabled, criminals and others considered part of the 'inferior race'. Most victims were then kill

Who did Adolf Hitler kill at the death camps?

The Nazi death camps killed millions of Jews. They also killed large numbers of Poles, Gypsies, Russian prisoners of war, homosexuals, retarded persons, conscientious objector

Why did Adolf Hitler and the Nazis killed them?

I assume that we are talking about the Jews, the deformed, the homosexual, and the "uninformed". Well Adolf Hitler and those of the Nazi party, which he created, were evoluti

What races did Adolf Hitler kill?

Any race that wasn´t pure in his eyes. Mainly Jews, People with a skin colour other then white and gay people. He envisioned a world filled with white people with blue eyes