Who discovered nucleus in animal cell?

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It Was Robert brown,a scottish botanist.
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Who discovered the nucleus in the cell?

Cell nucleus discovery . The question is debatable as Thonius Philips van Leeuwenhoek (October 24, 1632 - August 30, 1723 )1, Dutch scientist first observed the cell nuleu

Does an animal cell have a nucleus?

Yes, all animal cells (except for mature mammalian red blood cells) contain a nucleus. Mammalian red blood cells have a nucleus initially, but do not have one once mature.

Who first discovered the nucleus of the cell?

cell discovery: cell was discovered by Robert hooke in 1665.As he was observing a piece of cork under the microscope he noticed small chambers like honey comb in them.those

Cell nucleus in a animal cell?

yes they do have a cell nucleus. the nucleus controls every activity that happens in the cell.

Why does animal cells have a nucleus?

all cells have a nucleus. The nucleus holds genetic information in the form of genes, and controls the cells function, the production of cell organells and holds information f
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What does the nucleus membrane do for a animal cell?

The Nucleus or Nuclear Membrane is a lipid bi-layer that serves as a physical barrier. It encloses all of the genetic material in the cell. The membrane also allows transfer o