Who first said 'We are our own worst enemy'?

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Was Hitler his own worst enemy?

Yes he made the mistakes to not listen to his own generals who were actually fighting the war. The Nazis were almost an unstoppable force. Hitler could have killed 500,000 Allied troops at Dunkerque if he had listened to his own generals. He insisted though that because his lightning war was so fast (MORE)

Who first said To make a rod for one's own back?

From the same source as 'Spare the Rod; Spoil the Child'; i.e. The Bible. 'Making a rod for your (originally 'ones') own back' - emphasis on the word 'own';. "You know...you're making a rod for your own back" or even. "Thou maketh a rod for thine own back". ...describes an action which will ha (MORE)

What is the theme song for NBCs your own worst enemy?

CLUB FOOT BY KASABIAN - CAN BE FOUND ON iTUNES.. CLUB FOOT BY KASABIAN - CAN BE FOUND ON iTUNES.. One, take control of me You're messing with the enemy Said it's two, it's another trick Messin' with my mind, I wake up Ah ah ah ah ah ah I'll tell you I want you Ah ah ah ah ah ah I'll (MORE)

Who is a worst enemy?

Youself As the old saying goes: "I am my own worst enemy" someone you really really really hate and that really really really hates you back

Why is man his own worst enemy?

The things that have killed the most of our population, aside from old age, are other people; we are the most dangerous entity to ourselves.

What does man is his own worst enemy mean?

You can be your worst enemy because you cause your own problems and can make a mistake and overreact. You just caused that problem plus some people criticize themselves and get angry at themselves.

Can you translate 'I am my own worst enemy' to Latin?

There are two possible Latin translations of the English sentence "I am my own worst enemy." Specifically, one is the version if the speaker or writer is female: Ego sum inimica propria pessima mea . The other is the version if the speaker or writer is male: Ego sum inimicus proprius pessimus m (MORE)

Who first said I reject your reality and substitute my own?

The quote "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" is from a1974 episode of Doctor Who entitled The Deadly Assassin. It was also used in the 1984 low-budget Science Fiction/Fantasyfilm entitled "The Dungeonmaster" (aka Ragewar). The quotation was then made popular by Adam Savage on Mythbuste (MORE)

Why is the leopard the worst enemy of the hyena?

Actually spotted hyenas and lions are actually mortal enemiesbecause they are in direct competition for resources. Leopards areless dangerous to spootted hyenas because their solitary naturelimits their ability to prove a serious threat to a clan of hyenas.The more solitary brown or striped hyenas m (MORE)

A panda worst enemy of an animal?

The largest threat to pandas are humans, but there are certain animals (discounting humans) that prey on pandas - for example jackals and leopards.

Is My Own Worst Enemy by LIT or Blink-182?

It's by Lit. Mark (One of the lead singer's of Blink-182) has more of a deep Californian accent when he sings while Tom (Other lead singer) has more of a high-pitched, whiny, voice. The lead singer of Lit is far from Mark and Tom. But he still sounds good.

What are the mices worst enemies?

The worst enemies of any animals are their predators. Mice are small, non poisonous animals, so they have lots of predators. These include birds such as Hawks and Owls, canids such as foxes and coyotes, small cats such as house cats, snakes, weasels, and many others.

Are humans cheetahs worst enemies?

Yes. Especially in Asia.Hunting, habitat degradation and fragmentation, desertification, and direct killing of wildlife that the Cheetah preys upon are all factors responsible for the chronic decline of the Cheetah in Asia. The Asiatic Cheetah exists in very low numbers, divided into widely sep (MORE)

Who is a rattlesnake worst enemy?

Young Rattlesnakes (less than 2 years old) are heavily preyed upon by numerous species like Ravens, Crows, Raccoons, Coyotes, Weasels etc. Even Adult Rattlesnakes are known to cannibalize youngsters. Adolescent Rattlesnakes (above 2 years) are preyed upon by larger predators like Eagles, Hawks, Badg (MORE)

Who are the xmens worst enemy?

depends on which comic or movie/ tv show your talking about. but, the main enemies are magneto, the brotherhood of mutants, and apocalipse. hope this helped.

Who is wonder woman's worst enemy?

Mars and Hercules! Greek War God and super-hero strongman. in Wonder Woman Herk is more Jerk than Hero, and it is revealed as in the original story- he is something of a Misogynist, but not a Gay guy. Mars drums up violent projects aimed against Wonder Woman from his home planet!

Is it not true that their own words are their own worst enemy as the truth will set you free yes from the lies that are Christian?

That's not very nice! Why do you hate Christians so much? Why do you speak of "Christian lies"? The truth will set us all free Christians and non-Christians - we just need to have a love of the truth - whatever that is. x Additional Answer: As will your words too. Jesus sa (MORE)

Who was the Doctor worst enemy in Doctor Who?

The general consensus is that his worst enemies are The Daleks- unlike most of his other enemies, they are unable to feel anything other than hatred, fear and a desire to exterminate all other life-forms, so it's impossible to reason with them or enable them to feel empathy or compassion. They are a (MORE)

Who are the lion's worst enemies?

Lions worst Enemies are Porcupine there Quills are very dangerous for the lions mouth and face , 2nd Group of Hyena's , 3rd Elephants ,4th, Rihnoserus,5th Hippopotamus, Crocodile's, and Cape Buffalo's

What is My Own Worst Enemy by Lit about?

My Own Worst Enemy is off the album "A Place In The Sun" by Lit released in 1999. In the song the artist is referring to his bad habits and how he knows they are driving important people in his life away. He clearly refers to calling his significant other rude things when he was drunk and apologizes (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Own Worst Enemy - 2014?

The cast of Own Worst Enemy - 2014 includes: Fiona Davey as The Girlfriend Terri Dwyer as Natalie Houghton-Hughes Lee Hodge Holly Jacobson as Waving Girl Edward Limb as YouTuber Lucia Marchitelli as The Daughter Amanda Parkes James Phelps as Constable Berrow Oliver Phelps as Constable Stroyde Ryan W (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in My Own Worst Enemy - 2008?

The cast of My Own Worst Enemy - 2008 includes: Omid Abtahi as Tony Nazari Natasha Alam as Stewardess Danny Arroyo as Bell Hop Patrick Bauchau as Zelloff Derrick Bishop as Stanley Martin Saffron Burrows as Dr. Norah Skinner Mario Cassem as Kid Fernando Chien as ND Man Mark Colson as Second Prisoner (MORE)