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Upon choosing a home birth, your local maternity unit should allocate you a dedicated midwife who is usually the midwife who will attend the birth.

Most regions do have a limited number of midwifes on duty for home births at any one time, if none are available you may have to go into Hospital.
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How do you help a beagle give birth?

Most of the time, you don't need to do anything to help a beagle to  give birth except to provide her with a safe place to have her  puppies. Offer her a small drink of wate

How do you help someone give birth?

Your going to need: a warm wet cloth and a game okay now ask the female to push and when you start to see the baby say "here it comes" the say "PUSH HARDER" when they

How do you help a dog give birth?

The bitch usually will do it all on her own. There is the odd time where the puppy is stuck. I've been told and have read that you can pull the baby by the shoulders or hips b

How do you help a rottweiler give birth?

Make sure you have a birthing box clean towels and a baby bulb to clean out noses and mouth if they need it, also a pair sterilized scissors in case you need to cut the cord.I

What do you do when giving birth at home?

If you are giving birth at home, you should get a midwife, or someone else expericenced in this. Lay on a bed, and get plenty of towels, and wear rubies to ease the pain. Open

What helps a women give birth?

  Well back in old, women had to give birth ALL by themselves!!! BUT a doctor can help now days, or a husband, or basically any human being who is willing (and knows how)

How can you give birth at home?

You can deliver at home in most states, with a Nurse, midwife in attendance & a birthing plan. contact a Midwife & they will walk you through what you need to make a safe and
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What are the advantage of giving birth at home?

Home is a familiar, Relaxed Environment, you have easy access to all your home comforts and everything you want and need to hand so nothing is forgotten, you can easily rest i

What do you do to help when your horse gives birth?

Well most horses foal without problems and only need to be watched. You should of course have a foaling kit and phone handy in case you need them. If you would like to imprint

Is it safe to give birth at home?

Not as safe as in a hospital or clinic where the mother can get life-saving blood infusions, oxygen, surgery and other first-aid assistance in case of a life-threatening emerg