Who invented bath tubs?

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The ancient Romans, along with many other plumbing innovations.

Can you give your rabbit a bath in the bath tub?

No, you can't give your rabbit a bath in the bathtub. Anyway, it's a very bad idea. Here's why: It's not usually a good idea to bathe a rabbit at all. Rabbits are clean an

What is tub bath?

tub baths are when you take a bath inside the stone in a tub

Who invented bath tub?

The first Bathtub was invented by John Michael Kohler. He did so when he enamelled a cast iron horse trough in 1883.People had been bathing in wooden and metal tubs for years

Can lice live in bath tub?

yes,huge lice can live in your tap,they will grow rapidly until they fill your bath tub,then they will eat you from outside in feasting on your guts.

Can rabits go in a bath tub?

Yes but it isn't very safe. You can only make the water very shallow and hold the rabbits head above the water. You mostly have the splash the water on the rabbit and rub the