Who invented hybrid cars?

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The hybrid car was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899.
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What is a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars are just like the average car with an extra motor(electric) They run off a rechargeabl These cars reduce fuel emissions because the engine draws on a bankof batter

When was the hybrid car invented?

The Toyota Prius was launched in 1997, two years before its original launch date. In the first year of production sales were nearly 18,000 cars. there seems to be a market for

Why were hybrid cars invented?

Hybrids are better for the environment. They save oil and they save the environment tons of greenhouse gas. I guess they were invented for people who wanted a cleaner Earth.

Where was hybrid cars invented?

\nIn 1901, while employed at Lohner Coach Factory, Ferdinand Porsche designed the "Mixte", a series-hybrid vehicle based on....... For the full article, go to WIKIPEDIA and t

How were hybrid cars invented?

The first hybrid gasoline-electric car was invented in 1899. . Regenerative breaking hybrid car was invented in 1978.

How are hybrid cars and non hybrid the same?

They both have 4 tires. Both have windshields. Both will have an engine, although the hybrid will have a small engine.. Just an interesting fact: The 2009 BMW M3 is more fuel

Who invented the a Hybrid Car?

The Hybrid has been one of the suitable mode of transportation in these times of environmental and economic concerns. The Hybrid vehicle has been in devlopment since years and