Who invented hybrid cars?

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The hybrid car was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899.
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Who invented hybrid crops?

Inventor of Hybrid Crops Click on the link to your right for the answer. The first I recall of anyone breeding plants was Gregory Mendel. He was a monk who bred and developed different pea plant strains. The scientific basis for today's amazing hybrid crops goes back more than 150 years, b (MORE)

What is a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars are just like the average car with an extra motor(electric) They run off a rechargeabl These cars reduce fuel emissions because the engine draws on a bankof batteries and not just gasoline engine. The gasoline motors canbe shut off and the car can run off electricity for a limited timeor (MORE)

When was the hybrid car invented?

The Toyota Prius was launched in 1997, two years before its original launch date. In the first year of production sales were nearly 18,000 cars. there seems to be a market for green cars.

Why were hybrid cars invented?

Hybrids are better for the environment. They save oil and they save the environment tons of greenhouse gas. I guess they were invented for people who wanted a cleaner Earth. They are more of a sales gimmick then a product that us pro environment. There is a great deal of extra energy and really (MORE)

What is the hybrid car theory?

The consumer can find a wide assortment of hybrid cars on the market today and at one point or another most of us have at least been on one hybrid car or another whether we knew it or not. The term encompasses a wide range of vehicles, including mopeds (pedals + gas engine power), trains and some (MORE)

How much do hybrid cars cost?

Depends from a Toyota Prius ($21,000) to a Fisker Karma ($100,000) Hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius for instance can cost anywhere from twenty-five thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars. It depends on the brand as well.

Are hybrid cars diesel?

While it would be possible to build a hybrid car using a dieselengine instead of the gasoline engine, I do not believe anymanufacturers are doing it. This may be because of problems withreliably restarting a diesel engine after stopping it that don'thappen with gasoline engines, but I'm not certain. (MORE)

Who discovered hybrid cars?

Hybrids were not discovered, they were invented. The first hybrid car invented was a 100-year-old Porsche! The car had in-wheel electric motors and an onboard gas engine to recharge the batteries.

What are the disadvantages of hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars, though useful, have some disadvantages. The point to be noted here is that the advantages far exceed the disadvantages. . High cost: hybrids cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 more their non-Hybrid versions. . More weight due to battery packs. . Some states charge additional fees fo (MORE)

Who built the first hybrid car?

The first company or person to build a gasoline-electric hybrid car is typically attributed to Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the famous Porsche AG fame. He built his hybrid car with Czechoslovakian coach builder in 1901. This car is known as the Lohner-Porsche hybrid. A total of 5 cars were buil (MORE)

Car is a hybrid computer?

A hybrid car contains several digital computers. Hybridcomputers were a type of computer now considered obsolete wherepart of the computer was a digital computer and another part of thecomputer was an analog computer. One of the reasons these werefrequently used was the analog computer could very (MORE)

Where was hybrid cars invented?

\nIn 1901, while employed at Lohner Coach Factory, Ferdinand Porsche designed the "Mixte", a series-hybrid vehicle based on....... For the full article, go to WIKIPEDIA and type in hybrid electric vehicle

Where was the first hybrid invented?

the first hybrid vehicle was made by Porsche in 1901 in Germany it had a main gasoline motor and it had independent electric motors inside the wheels

Who invented the hybrid toilet?

The guy who needed a economical toilet that flushed his business down the crapper. His name is Kenny and he even has his own TV show, he is teamed with Mr Hanky off South Park, TV is great don't you think, i like TV.

How were hybrid cars invented?

The first hybrid gasoline-electric car was invented in 1899. . Regenerative breaking hybrid car was invented in 1978.

What are Similarities between hybrid cars and non hybrid cars?

Apart from the power train there is almost no difference whatsoever. They all have a frame or chassis, 4 wheels, suspension and other running gear, there might be small differences to accommodate the extra power source and supply (i.e. batteries, fuel tank, motors, etc.) but nothing significant.. H (MORE)

How are hybrid cars and non hybrid the same?

They both have 4 tires. Both have windshields. Both will have an engine, although the hybrid will have a small engine.. Just an interesting fact: The 2009 BMW M3 is more fuel effecient compared to a 2009 Toyota Prius while the Prius is driving at top speed and the M3 is just keeping up with it.

When was the first hybrid computer invented?

The first hybrid computer was invented by Davie Hendrick in 1976. It was made in a USA technology centre called FACTA. Stands for Financil acts of culprit team assocation. Meaning a group of technitions that assocate with the econmical crisis and people who welfare squads are targeting along with pe (MORE)

Does a hybrid car need petrol?

a Hybrid car means it uses 2 or more energy ways to get powered. This can be for example: - Petrol, Hydrogen - Electricity, Petrol. - Electricity, Gas. etc etc. So nto all hybrid cars need petrol.

Are hybrid cars smart cars?

No smart cars are not hybrids, nor are they overall good for the environment. They do help reduce fuel consumption some.

Why do people make hybrid cars?

they make hybrids for different purposes they make them because they "help" the environment but some of the car dealers want more money.

What is the need and use of hybrid cars?

Many people feel that hybrid cars will save them money concerning gas prices. Others feel that hybrid cars are better for the environment due to the lack of emissions.

When was the hybrid crops invented?

They have been around a very long time. George Washington Carver played with peanuts. Before that the Indians modified corn to be usable.

How do hybrid cars help your environment?

They really do not help the environment. They may even be worse for the environment then conventional cars. They do save some fuel though. Helping reduce the dependence on forgeign oil is a good thing.

Why is using hybrid cars good?

While not really good for the environment, they do save some fuel. The overall cost per mile is not much higher then a conventional car. The pollution issue is possibly greater as their lives are shorter. The primary cause of pollution for automobiles is the junking of them. Keeping the same car (MORE)

What are the problems associated with hybrid cars?

In the Prius the gasoline engine has been stripped off many all it's usual moving parts that break down routinely such as the starter motor, distributor cam belts and much more making it a very efficient unit with little that can go wrong - engine wise. Many cars have been driven for up to 10 yea (MORE)

How are plug-in hybrid cars different from regular hybrid cars?

A hybrid does not plug into an outlet, all of the electricity usedto charge its batteries comes from a fossil fuel engine on the car. Electric cars, on the other hand, can only be charged froman outlet, which takes a long time. They are very cheap andenvironmentally-friendly to operate, but the d (MORE)

Do hybrid cars emit radiation?

my most positive answer to this question is that i do not thinkhybrid cars emit radiation. it just doesnt make sense. They emit the same radiation any other car does: IR when the engineis running, visible light when the headlights are on, RF if you areusing your CB radio, etc.

Do hybrid cars conserve energy?

Yes . Using regenerative breaking they can recover up to 6% of fuel energy normally lost as heat. . Smaller less powerful more fuel efficient engine can be used. . Engine can be turned off when stopped to eliminate wasting fuel idling. No . Making and disposing of battery consumes energy. (MORE)

Who invented the a Hybrid Car?

The Hybrid has been one of the suitable mode of transportation in these times of environmental and economic concerns. The Hybrid vehicle has been in devlopment since years and is surprising to know the fact that it was even in development even before the 20th century. The first research and develop (MORE)

How can a hybrid car be improve?

Hybrid vehicles still use a gasoline or diesel engine to power electronic drive-train. Tough they are more efficient than non hybrid vehicles, they still rely on fossil fuels and still emit pollution. The best way to improve hybrids is to develop better battery technology. Better batteries will m (MORE)

How are hybrid cars safe?

Yes, hybrid vehicles are just as safe to drive as any gasoline-powered vehicle. Manufacturers design them to withstand the same crash specifications as normal cars and they come with the same airbag and restraint systems According to Pike Research: Hybrid, plug-in electric vehicles to surpass 5% (MORE)

Are used hybrid cars inexpensive?

Used hybrid cars may be inexpensive but they are still so new to the market that inexpensive may be much more expensive when compared to a used traditional car. There are websites that can help you look for used cars and see what is the going rate.

How reliable is a used hybrid car?

Hybrid cars in general are created to be very reliable. I would first decide which model you are interested in. Then I would look at Consumer Reports and that sort of company, so see what the over all rating is. Usually, used models have worked out some of the, new car bugs.

Does Avis rent out hybrid cars?

Avis car rental is going green by making available more hybrid vehicles for rental. One car they carry is the Toyota Prius.

What makes hybrid cars better?

They are different, not necessarily better. Hybrid cars usually use a combination of batteries and a small combustion engine, so they emit less carbon dioxide (from burning fossil fuel) than an older car. However, if the batteries are charged overnight, say, using fossil fuel-generated electricity, (MORE)

When was hybrid computer invented?

Uncertain, but sometime in the early 1950s when an off the shelf electronic analog computer was interfaced to an electronic digital computer.

Are hybrid cars safe to repair?

I have a 2005 Toyota Prius and I have done several minor repairs without problems; 12 v battery replacement, oil changes, wiper blade replacement, fuse replacement, air filter, in-cabin filter, light bulb replacement, tire rotation, installation and removal of tire chains, but basically my 2005 has (MORE)

What benefits do hybrid cars offer?

Hybrid cars reduce harmful emissions that regular cars emit into the air. They also contain two engines, an electric engine and a gas engine, so that if one breaks, the other will keep you going until you can repair it.