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Albert Cheeks was one of the students of the late Ki Whang Kim (10th dan). He had started training with GM Kim back in the early 1963 and continued all the way up until the passing of GM Ki Whang Kim in 1993. Albert Cheeks received his 7th dan from GM Kim in Tangsoodo Moo Duk Kwan and was considered the Master of Fighting. Albert Cheeks was not only the assistant instructor of Kim's Studio in Silver Spring but also the right hand of Ki Whang Kim.

Through out the mid 60's, 70's and some of the early 80's Albert Cheeks was one of the top fighters, breakers and forms competitors that Ki Whang Kim had trained. Albert Cheeks was on the 1973 American Tae Kwon Do team that went to Korea and won the bronze and silver medals in fighting. He had won numerous 1st place and grand champion titles up and down the East Coast and Midwest of the United States and Canada.

Today Albert Cheeks is a 9th dan and president of the Ki Whang Kim Traditional Martial Arts Association. He conducts seminars promoting the teaching and training of GM Ki Whang Kim.
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What do martial artists get paid?

Martial artist typically don't get paid just because they are martial artists. The lucky ones get paid because they use their skills as part of their jobs such as bodyguards, and actors. Others teach and earn money that way. The majority of martial artists have full time jobs and the martial arts is a hobby on the side. I teach three classes a week and make very little money, enough to buy a new gi and pay for a seminar once a year.. I don't get paid anything. I just do it for the love of my art.

Who is the greatest Martial Artist ever lived?

Who is the "greatest" Martial Artist is a matter of opinion, and many people have their favorites. There could be a lengthy debate as to what makes a person "great." Is it their ability to fight in a ring, act in a movie, teach in a class, kill in combat, or to live in peace and harmony while maintaining a restrained self-control over deadly skills. A true Martial Artist is one who seeks to be highly proficient at unarmed combat (and some include weaponry), in order to honorably defend the innocent, and fight for justice while living a fulfilled life under a code of moral and ethical conduct. The greatest Martial Artists of all time are most likely people of whom you have never heard their name. A genuine Martial Art Master is humble, and would not desire to be put on a pedestal above all others, and would decline such a title. Some people who have gained fame are more actors than Martial Artists, while some are both. Many perceived great fighters are athletes playing a game under a set of rules. If there is a referee, some techniques are not permitted, and deadly force is not allowed, then it is a sport, and not truly Martial Art combat. A Martial Artist has the option, and the skill to end a life in self defense, but only does so when absolutely necessary. Some athletes who compete in Martial Art tournaments might also be genuine Martial Artists, but the outcome of a game does not necessarily accurately reflect genuine skill in life-or-death combat, and many athletes have their training toned down or limited because of the rules and environment in which they compete (even mma and cage fighting). The greatest warrior is the one who wins the battle without a single blow. (supervisor's note: The list of names for personal favorites could go on and on, and are mostly based on opinions. Please use the discussion page to promote the reputation of anyone you feel deserves to be mentioned.)

Who is the best openly gay martial artist?

There may be others, but the link below shows the only I could find. Is he the best that is your decision to make.

Who is a famous Japanese martial artist?

Gichin Funikoshi is probably the most well known in the karate community. Jigoro Kano, who developed Judo is also very well known. Steven Segal is a Japanese martial artist in the art of Aikido. Sonny Chiba has been in many martial arts movies. Masaaki Hatsumi has achieved teaching degrees in all 9 of the great schools of ninjutsu and received the title "Grandmaster of all Ninjutsu" from his master Toshitsugu Takamatsu. He is also the first to teach the skills of all 9 schools in a single school: The Bujiinkan Dojo

Is Jackie Chan a real martial artist?

Yes and no. Jackie Chan has studied real martial arts, evenearning a black belt in Hapkido, but he has never done martial artsseriously as a sport or taught it.

How do martial artists become so fast?

Well, I am a martial artist and i can tell you that if someone is fast, it comes from doing the same moves over and over again for a number of years. but usually martail artists are not as fast as they apear to the untrained eye. It is there reaction time that makes them apear so fast. If you can throw a punch in .5 seconds, but it takes you 1.6 seconds to react, then by the time your brain tells you to punch back, you've already been hit. Studies show that martial artists have a reaction time of .55 seconds. that's 3 times faster than your average person! but to answer the direct question... wax on, wax off. They work there muscles in the way they want them yo move, and they do it as quickly as possible while maintaining good form. I don't bench press my limit once, or 2/3 of my limit 12 times. when I workout, i use absoulutly no waght at all. I do at least 700 of what ever im doing, weather it be punches, kicks, or blocks that I learned from katas. I'm serous. do your own scientific study throw 2,000 punches and kicks every day and see if you don't get any faster. I personaly prommis that you will. and if you wan't a awsome and practical martial arts workout plan,( that is better than Tie Bo) contact me on this website.

How do martial artists bow with one hand?

Martial artist do not bow with one hand as it would bedisrespectful. The use of two hands during a bow in martial arts isa sign of respect.

Who is a famous martial artist?

Bruce Lee . Chuck Norris . Jackie Chan . Bill Wallace . Sammo Hung . Bolo Yeung

Who was the best martial artist on earth?

He he that is a really difficult question to answer due to the fact that nearly EVERYONE will have a different opinion. Who would I say is the best martial artist. Well alot of people would say it was Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was one of the first real known martial artist in the western world. So naturally when he was big no one knew much about martials arts at all. The best I think personally is Jet Li. To conclude this is really a personal opinion question and I would say if you have found a martial artist that you like and if they have impressed you with they're technique than that is the greatest martial artist on earth.

Was Pat Morita a real martial artist or was he dubbed?

No, Pat Morita was not a martial artist. He also spoke very good English, but just did it brokenly for his character in the karate kid movies.

As a martial artist what does it mean to be dedicated?

It means that one has taken on the responsibility of learning and practicing a martial arts with great diligence. One doesn't slack on the effort of practice and teaching the art that one has dedicated themselves to.

Who is martial artist Albert Cheeks?

Albert Cheeks was a student of the late Ki Whang Kim. He was known in the 70's as one of the greatest fighters of traditional taekwondo. He was on the first team to go to Korean and fight for the USA in 1973. He brought home the bronze medal. He has fought and beaten some of the best fighters on the east coast and Midwest of America in the 70's. When asking the elders about him when he was active the usual response was: "that was one guy you didn't want to fight."

What kind of artist was Albert Huie?

He is a Jamaican painter, sometimes hailed as the father of Jamaican painting. As well as portraits he has painted Jamaican landscapes and society. His style often shows impressionist influences. He now lives in Canada.

What ever happened to the Jim Kelly martial artist?

He is a professional tennis coach in southern California and appeared at the 2009 San Diego Comi-Con.

Who are the top 5 martial artists in the DC universe?

1) Batman's martial arts teacher: Ra's Al Ghul . 2) Wonder Woman. 3) Batman. 4) Wild Cat. 5) Black Canary. Oh yeah to put this in perspective; in virtually every D.C./Marvel cross over, by popular demand and reader opinion, as not even D.C. and Marvel's brass could decide, Batman handed Wolverine and Captain America their rears, he is in fact a better fighter than both of them, individually. Together, Batman does not stand a chance against Cap and Wolverine, individually though he's beaten them, several times now I've read in encyclopedias, among other sources.. The top martial artist in the D.C. universe is easily that Batman's "mystical" martial arts master, Ra's Al Ghul. . In the Marvel Universe, its easily Shang Shi, the "kung fu master," who is about as strong and skillful in martial arts as Batman's "mystic" Chinese teacher. Apparently he is so good at Kung Fu, he can take on the Hulk.. For best sources though, get the Marvel and D.C. encyclopedias, there are new 2008 editions now, with all the latest info. If you want to establish who is the most powerful of this or that, get those encyclopedias, although, for information on cross overs you will have to thumb through the likes of Wizard magazine or like publications. Just go to your local bookstore and "parasite read" a few Wizard mags.

How do the scientists measure the motion of the martial artists?

The measurements can be done in a variety of ways. Some use high speed cameras to track the motion. There are motion sensors that can be attached to various points. The data can be fed into computers and the answers calculated.

Who are the best martial artists in the world?

It is not possible to give a definitive answer. There are so many organizations that have their championships, and so many people that have held titles.

Is there a list of martial artists with fourth dan blackbelts?

Yes , there are many such lists. Unfortunately, there is no single, certified, authentic or official listing. There are many martial arts organizations, and they each maintain their own listings (or not). Taekwondo - the premier organization for certifying black belts in taekwondo is the kukkiwon. Everyone who competes at the international level in tournaments sponsored by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) must have a certificate from the kukkiwon certifying their black belt level. In 1995, it was estimated that 2.3 million people world wide hold a kukkiwon dan certificate. If the kukkiwon maintains a list of fourth degree black belts, they have not made it available to the public.

Is Adrian Paul a martial artist?

Adrian Paul has studied Martial Arts for 7 years including: Kung Fu forms choy La Fut and Hung Gar, Tae-Kwon-Do, Wing Chun, and boxing; Has also done extensive sword training with the Japanese Katana

Why do martial artists grunt when they punch or kick?

It is called a 'kia' or a 'spirit shout.' There are several reasons for it. It helps in focusing the power of the strike on the opponent. It also tightens up the muscles of the body, particularly the core muscles. This does two things. It forces more power into the strike. And it protects the internal organs with hardened muscles.

What does it mean to be a martial artist?

Obviously, a Martial Artist is one who studies, practices, or is proficient at the Martial Art. To understand what this means, one should understand that the English term "art" has been redefined in recent decades when describing the Martial Art. The earliest known use of this term originated as a description of fencing (sword fighting, or fencing with a foil), which was historically a practical method of fighting, or self defense that was taught in correlation with a set of rules of conduct and ethics. It is in this same light of a complementary relationship between deadly combative skills and a code of morality that was first attached to an elite training system and philosophy of an enlightened warrior that the Asian fighting systems became a commonly labeled as Martial Art. Only in more modern times has it come to be attached to a variety of other things. While the novice researcher focuses on the fact that the etymology of the term "Martial" comes from Latin name for "Mars," the mythological god of war, this was originally applied as a collective term ("Martial Art") by English speaking observers of Asian warrior training for fighting as well as enlightenment. Traditionally, "art" was a translation of the universally used Asian concept of "do" which is a variation of the pronunciation of "tao." In ancient times, Asian philosophers developed a unique appreciation for nature, and the forces of the universe. It was taught that there was an ideal action for doing anything, and that forces of nature provided for a smooth, harmonious, and successful outcome. Typically, the experience of combat and a warrior's life was focused on death, survival and winning a life-or-death struggle. The life of a warrior off the battlefield was not in harmony with times of peace, and this adversely affected the quality of life for the warrior, success in battle, and interactions within society. It was the "way of the enlightened warrior" that placed an emphasis on a balance of deadly skills and an appreciation for life, that created the "Martial Art," "Martial Way," or "Warrior's Path." What it means to be a Martial Artist is to be a skilled warrior for justice, seek ideal action, while maintaining balance in body, mind, and spirit, and doing what is right in any given situation by guiding your actions according to a warrior's code of ethical conduct. The Martial Artist does not seek to be placed on a pedestal, nor do they consider themselves to be above all others, but constantly looks inward to eliminate character flaws, find ways to improve one's self, and seeks positive action in all relationships with others, and with their environment.

Was Bruce Lee the best Martial Artist ever?

No; that honor goes to the legendary Shaolin monk Hung Hei Kung, the ancestor of Wong Fei Hung.. In the world of Chinese martial arts, you need the following requirements to become a master of Kung Fu. Okay they're not requirements, they're more recomendations, as most Chinese subscribe to Daoist theory, they hold the view that "everyone has their own way," HOWEVER, the following requirements have consistently produced the largest number of people who have gone on to become masters of Kung Fu, they are;. 1) They must start early, preferably at the age of 5. Also, formal martial arts training does not in fact begin until the age of 8; for the first three years, the child is made to sweep floors and clean toilets to instill a sense of humility at a very early age.. 2) Obviously they must have the guidance, preferably personal, or near personal, of an expert or master. Just because someone's technique is perfect, that does not mean they are a master; in the world of Chinese Kung Fu, the difference between a master and an expert, is that a master is capable of borderline supernatural feats. I'll talk about what defines a "master" later, according to Chinese views. By "personal guidance" I mean, that there are two ways to train in Kung Fu; you are part of a crowd of 1,000 kids, and you see some dude in the distance demonstrating moves, and you copy them as best you can. The other way, the better way, is one on one instruction, where the master personally corrects, and constantly, all the flaws in your form. Being a teacher in Kung Fu is not easy; it requires much patience as a student's form almost always has flaws, so for the first 2 years of so of formal martial arts training, correcting of form is nearly constant. There must be a lot of patience on the part of the student too, and usually, kids are more tolerant of constantly being corrected than teenagers and adults are.. 3) For the first 3 years of training, sweeping floors, for the next 2 years, the correcting of form, and for the next 5, constant drilling in the basics, the forms, and the application, but, additionally, if this is the Shaolin temple we are talking about, almost constant meditation and study of Buddhist literature when not doing Kung Fu. At the end of ten years the student is an expert, but they are not yet a master.. Here is where Hung Hei Kung comes in; as you can imagine, in the days of the old temple by the time a student was aged 15 or 16, their training was complete, however, the vast majority of students are not yet masters, THAT, is where Hung Hei Kung was different. When he was only 7 years old and just barely starting to learn the forms, largely just from watching, he toppled students that bullied him as old as 18. Okay not students, monks. Obviously, bullies don't hold back; the problem of bullying existed even in the old temple. The story goes, that Hung Hei Kung demonstrated a genius for Kung Fu at a very early age, by the time he completed his training at 16, he defeated all of the temple's senior abbots, men who had been practicing for up to 60 years some. Hung Hei Kung is the youngest man to have attained total and complete mastery of Kung Fu, in the whole of Chinese history.. With time, guidance, meditation and practice, if you are determined enough, and hopefully have enough time and good fortune in this world, anyone can become a master, because, ultimately what mastery of Kung Fu is, is the harmonizing of a skill, with a purified soul. Sooner or later, all determined and well meaning people will eventually get there, the average age when most people become masters, is usually between 50 and 60, its almost always around middle age to early old age.. What makes Hung Hei Kung unique, is that he was already as powerful with his Kung Fu, as men who had been practicing for 6 decades or more. By the time he was in his mid 20's, he was said to have been as powerful as Bodhidharma, none other than the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu, and by the time he was in his mid 30's his Kung Fu was so strong not even the Wudang martial artists could touch him. His chi, was also said to be prodigiously strong; at the risk of getting mythic here, it was said that in time, Hung Hei Kung could push people without touching them, and he achieved this when he was in his 40's.. Althoug Wudang Kung Fu, the internal martial arts, hold the better win reccord in tests of skill against Shaolin Kung Fu, the strongest, most skillful martial artist ever produced by China, and the youngest man to have been recognized as a true master, was a Shaolin monk named Hung Hei Kung, who, legend has it, left the temple because he fell in love with a saintly woman. Come on now, his descendant Wong Fei Hung had to come from somewhere.. Once, Wong Fei Hung was praised as having had achieved the skill of his famous ancestor, the story goes, that upon hearing that he was angered, saying that his ancestor should not be "so insulted.". Again, mastery of Kung Fu, allegedly the purification of the soul, attaining sainthood, according to the stories, superhuman skill is something that the dedicated fortunate can achieve if they are sincere and hard working enough, in other words amazing though their feats may be, a master is actually nothing special, true masters themselves don't consider themselves anything special.. To get the attention of Chinese martial artists, you need to master a martial art at a very early age, have demonstrated unique and extremely rare genius like Hung Hei Kung did.. Because he acquired his skills so rapidly, and became so monstrously powerful not even internal martial artists could touch him, the honor of "best martial artist ever" goes to Hung Hei Kung. Shang Sang Feng, and Bodhidharma were strong masters themselves in their own right BUT, Bodhidharma was a Yogi close to 80 when he visited the Shaolin temple, and he was almost 90 when he invented Kung Fu, allegedly having reached total mastery, by the age of 110. I use the word allegedly because Bodhidharma is credited as having had extreme longevity,some chroniclers say he lived to be 200 years or more. Shang Sang Feng, had FINALLY perfected his Tai Chi Chuan also by the age of 90.. The point I'm trying to make is, Hung Hei Kung was as skillful and "supernaturally" powerful as Shang Sang Feng and Bodhidharma at the tender age of 30, where Bodhidharma and Shang Sang Feng, were both old men when they attained mastery. For all intents and purposes, Hung Hei Kung, to Chinese martial artists who believe EVERYTHING narrated about him, remains the most skillful and powerful martial artist ever.

Who would win a martial artist or a bodybuilder?

If the bodybuilder has 50 different chemicals in his body, and the martial artist isn't a Shaolin monk or someone who has "attained legendary levels of skill," then, probably the bodybuilder. Also I understand some men are pressured by their job to be fit, but once you no longer need steroids for god's sake get the hell off it! I know wiki answers is against what I'm saying because this is preaching, but, sorry, I feel compelled to break the rules here; steroids are bad for you, no matter how small the dosage.. If you don't need to be on it, get the hell of it, and enjoy life.. Can you imagine that some men would ruin their lives with steroids? No joke; there are stories of bodybuilders who met with financial success, married a beautiful woman, but still they would not get off the drugs. Arnold Swarzenneger portrayed one in a 1970's movie, it was one of his early non-action hero roles. It got Hollywood's attention; although the movie is little known, the "governator" delivered quite a good performance.

What was the martial and family status of Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein was married twice to Mileva Maric and ElsaLowenthal. With Mileva he fathered three children; Lieserl, Hansand Eduard.

Is john saxon an actual martial artist?

Yes; the only reason Bruce Lee approved of his role in "Enter the Dragon" had to do with the fact that the actor did hold a black belt. Don't know if he still does martial arts however.

As a Martial artist what does it mean to be respectful?

The term "respect" is often misunderstood, and frequently inaccurately defined. Common usage can dictate a variety of meaning, but the etymology of the term is the key to its meaning. Coming from the Latin "respectus," (past participle of respicere), it means to "regard," or "look back at." It is related to the Latin word "specere" ("look at"). When we look at something, we are regarding, or considering the nature, quality, function, or value of it. If it is a person, the we "respect" or "value" their worth. We can "look back at" past deeds, and accomplishments (education, degrees, honors, awards, and actions) to decide if we value what they have done. Respect is our choice based on our own assessment of the person or object's value. Respect is not "given" but it's existence is shown or conveyed to others. You can not force respect by "demand," and respect is also never "owed" as some people mistakenly say. Philosophically, a person should not have to "earn" respect since that implies a cause and effect with a duty to pay a debt (i.e.: work > earn a wage > get paid). However, respect can be determined as a direct result of someone's actions, but the decision of respect is up to each person. Such as in the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Respect is in the mind of the observer. What one person values or respects might differ from another person. The Martial Artist is taught to respect and value life, knowledge and education, and relationships with others. Value is placed on virtuous and honorable conduct, therefore the Martial Artist respects those who live according to high moral and ethical standards, and presents a positive role model to others. Many people erroneously state that "respect is a two-way street." This is a false notion as it implies that one person's respect for another is contingent upon the other person respecting the first person in return. That would be like a parent saying to their child, "I will love you, but only if you love me back." A parent should love their child unconditionally. True love is affection for the person because of who they are, not because they love you, otherwise you are not "feeling" love for them, but "deciding" your feeling based on a reciprocating condition." A Martial Artist should be taught to respect someone first and foremost because they are a human being, and increase the degree of respect based on their individual virtues and character - regardless of how they feel about you, or if they respect you or not. If your character and behavior worthy of respect is a separate issue. Respect is from the start, but can be diminished considerably for unfavorable conduct, but we should always look for the good in everyone, regardless of how deep it might be buried under a troubled and distorted sense of right and wrong.

Who is sexiest martial artist?

This is an opinion answer, so there is no right or wrong answer. And it will depend upon your sexual preference. Females: . Kathy Long is certainly way up there on my list! Males: . Jean Claude Van Damme gets my wife's vote for sexiest male.

Is Jackie Chan a good martial artist?

Yes and no. He does have a black belt in Tae Kwan Do which means heis good, but does martial arts for the movies which isn't the sameas 'pure' martial arts.

Who throws a heavier punch a boxer or a martial artist?

Boxing, in its own right can be considered a martial art. In addition, the answer to your question will be different depending on the boxer you choose and the martial artist you choose. For example, a 6 foot 5 inch tall, 300 lb man will be able to punch much harder than a 5 foot tall woman practicing wing chun. Lets assume they are basically twins, because that is what I think you are getting at. You have to remember that there are MANY different types of martial arts, and many different styles of punches. The best demonstration I have seen to answer your question was an episode of a show called Fight Science. Boxing had a heavier punch in that situation: but like I said earlier they were different people. Also, the heaviest punch is sometimes not the best. You can throw light punches to nerve endings in the body and do far more damage (or set yourself up to do more damage) than a very heavy punch that somebody can dodge easily.

Is Brandon lee as good of a martial artist as Bruce Lee?

One opinion : No. Although Brandon had excellent genes, and the best mentor, he didn't have nearly the experience, or fanaticism that Bruce had as a martial artist. Another opinion : Bruce was an absolute prodigy. One in millions. Just because a prodigy has an offspring, doesn't mean they will be the same. Brandon would be the first to say he wasn't nearly as good as his dad. People today are always using Bruce as the platinum standard by which all others are judged. A popular hypothetical question posed today is, how would Bruce stack up against today's MMA fighters in the UFC. There are many different opinions. So, I will state mine. Bruce would do well! Now, if you put him in the ring where he left off before he passed, he would not do as well as he would if he lived and therefore kept learning. However, his tremendous speed and power could afford him many so called mistakes if you will... So, my point is just because Bruce may not have been up on the latest grappling moves, he was so good at what he did that perhaps a more rounded fighter would not be able to handle him. Then comes the issue of rules. People say it's b.s. that Bruce could beat a professional MMA fighter on the street when there are no rules. The argument is that an MMA fighter could just as easily bite and poke eyes if it were allowable. Well, then the converse may also apply. Bruce could do equally well in the ring. All he would have to do would be to remove those techniques? All I can say is that people who witnessed Bruce first hand, including guys that have been among the best of today, say Bruce was much better than anyone they ever witnessed. So back to the original question....Is Brandon as good as Bruce....SIMPLY put... NOPE.

Is martial artist Jim kelly gay?

Jim Kelly is an American athlete, actor and also a martial artist. He is known for his roles in Bruce Lee movie Enter the Dragons. He is working as a professional tennis coach these days. There is a lot of mystery surrounding his personal life. He was married once but divorced, but it can not be said for sure that he is a gay.

Who is the best martial artist in the world today?

Who is the "best" martial artist is a matter of opinion. What qualifies someone as being good as a Martial Artist could include several areas of expertise, or a combination of many - - so it depends entirely on what qualities the observer values. Ability to fight well, or demonstrate techniques is one important aspect, but so is a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the art. One might be a champion at tournament fighting, but not very good in street self defense. Many experts agree that a true Martial Artist is one who has a high level of self control, including living by integrity of character with morals and ethics. While many people are going to have their personal favorites, the majority of the most knowledgeable, skilled and honorable masters are the ones most people probably have never heard of or met. Being completely humble, and modest, a true Martial Master would reject the label of being called the "best." Such titles are not only arbitrary, they are fleeting, and can change at any instant.

Why should a martial artist master the cartwheel?

I don't know of a reason why they have to. I know hundreds of highly skilled martial artists that cannot do a cartwheel.

Why do some martial artists do no-hand cartwheels?

No-hand cartwheels are often tought in ninjitsu, where agility training and combat training are equally important.

What is a martial artist?

A martial artist is a trained fighter in the ancient arts of combat, such as kendo, aikido, karate, etc.

How does meditation help martial artists?

The techniques that martial artist practice take a great deal of concentration. Meditation helps to clear and focus a martial artists mind so they can be develop the focus necessary to practice though's techniques.

Who is the best martial artist Jet Li or Tony Jaa?

In his own words, Jet Li was in his prime in 1992, when he filmed the "Once Upon a Time in China" movies. Between the two though I'd say Tony Jaa, both men being in their prime. Tony Jaa has insane agility, and although he has never formally competed, Jaa's free running skills believe it or not would help him in a fight. Free running requires strength, endurance, dexterity and focus. Well basically, free running further develops, what martial arts training develops, hence Jaa is Jet Li times two. Then again I suppose I am just speaking from sizing the two men up; Tony Jaa would beat Jet Li, because Jaa's stance is more "solid," he's more "planted." Its a difficult thing to explain; as a general rule, the more "planted" a guy is, the more "firm" his way of standing, the more dangerous he is in a fight. If you must know, Bruce Lee would kill both of them, even if they were fighting together.

Can you be in a world martial arts tournament if you are not a martial artist?

You would have to get a copy of the eligibility rules and see if you qualify. If you did qualify it is safe to say that unless you had some extraordinary skills that you wouldn't fair very well.

What kind of artist was Albert Giacometti?

Alberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker. He was a key player in the Surrealist Movement, but his work resists easy categorization. Some describe it as formalist, others say it is expressionist. He once said that he was sculpting not the human figure but "the shadow that is cast."

Was Pat Mortia a martial artist?

No, he never studied martial arts. However, he spoke very good English despite the broken English of his characters.

Who is the best martial artist in the whole world?

1.Bruce Lee 2.Chuck Norris 3. Jean-Claude Van Damme 4.Jet Li 5.Tony Jaa 6.Jason Statham 7.Jackie Chan 8.Wisley Snipe 9.Steven Seagle 10.Dwayne Johnson

Do martial artist have to warn people if they get in a fight?

There is no requirement that you do so. You will be held responsible for any injury you cause. You should never start a fight. A real fight being: a fight started unprovoked. If you're being bullied and the person won't leave you alone and starts hurting you, tell an authority.

Why does it take years to become an awesome martial artist?

It will depend a great deal on your dedication and training time. Nothing is as important as time and experience, which can't be rushed. You can become competent in 3 to 5 years. To be really good takes at least 10 years. The most awesome individual I know will turn 79 next year.

Who is the best Chinese martial artist?

Ip Man, Wing Chun he taught Bruce Lee his wing chun style before Bruce Lee started creating Jeet kune do a.k.a Jun Fan

Who is the most famous martial artist of all time?

The one and only Bruce Lee; unequal combativeness of styles that no comparison to others. He is the true king of martial arts period.

When was the martial artist Forest Griffin born?

Forest Griffin is a former light heavyweight champion who was born on July 1, 1979. Since 2005, Forest Griffin has been signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Martial Artist - 2008?

The cast of The Martial Artist - 2008 includes: Mckenzie Cowan as Jamie Marcella Laasch as Det. Goldman

What are the release dates for The Martial Artist - 2008?

The Martial Artist - 2008 was released on: USA: 1 January 2008 (Ashland Independent Film Festival)

Is Salman khan martial artist?

Salman Khan is an Indian film actor who learned martial arts forsome of the roles he played in movies.

Please give me actor list who is martial artist?

Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and Dolph Lundgren are famous actorswho are also martial artists. Some others include Michael Jai Whiteand Jean-Claude Van Damme.