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What was gene kelly's style of dance?

Gene Kelley, as we all know, "Singing in the Rain!", just happens to have been a very great dancer who has sadly passed away. The answer to your very clever question is musical theater. Now, musical theater is mostly off of Broadway plays. It can be any type of dance. (most popular is jazz.) He also (MORE)

Who were Ned Kelly's sisters?

Ned Kelly had five sisters and two half-sisters . The ones about whom most is known were Maggie (born in 1857) and Catherine, also known as Kate or Kittie (born 1863). The other sisters were Mary, who died as a baby, Anne and Grace. After Ned Kelly's father died, his mother remarried, and (MORE)

What does Megyn Kelly's future husband Doug Brunt do for a living?

" At Authentium, Mr. Brunt leads company strategy, investor relations, and the formation of key strategic alliances including those with Microsoft, Google and Symantec. Prior to Authentium, Mr. Brunt was a Director in the New York office of idealab!" ....from http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Brunt_D (MORE)

How do you get a husband?

talk to boys be cool and funny k? then if you and the boy or guy are girlfriend and boyfriend DATE! then if the guy ask you to marry him 1st you should feel confident that you want a life with him or if you don't feel confident say i am not ready for this yet so that's how you get a husband hehe o y (MORE)

Where was Ned Kelly's last stand?

Kelly's last stand was at the Glenrowan Inn, Glenrowan, Victoria, Australia. It was there he was finally arrested before his subsequent trial and hanging in Melbourne.. Bushranger Ned Kelly's last stand was at Glenrowan, Victoria.

What were Ned Kelly's last words?

They are reputed to be 'Such is life', but there has been some uncertainty as to whether the person who recorded them was close enough to have accurately heard them. Such is life.

WWE Kelly Kelly's Address?

You can contact her on KellyKellyWWE.com and ask her that. She does have her on privacy. She is always on the move flying from city to city. Answers.com would never give out information like that. You should only be asking this question if Kelly Kelly lets you know this information.

When did 'Ned Kelly's' father die?

27 December 1866 and Ned Signed the death certificate from "dropsy" and Ned said he was 11 1/2 which would have made him born June 1855 although othe evidence indicates his birth date was closer to January 1855.

What was Ned Kelly's motto?

Ned Kelly did not have a motto. However, his final words, just before he was executed by hanging, were said to be "Such is life".

What can you do about your husband?

You can fuss, moan, gripe and complain about him and to him.. Chances are, it won't do any good. Or you can figure out what problems you have with him and work with him to change the issue.. Frequently our "problems" with husbands are the result of our being over tired and frustrated with our own d (MORE)

What is ross kelly's info?

Ross Kelly is a baby actor he was in pampers ads he was on loads ross left his acting career at the age of six.He earned a lot of money before he left.he is now 14 so below is his e-mail address and address Rosskelly@live.ie 12 Dunsoghly Close Ratoath Road finglas Dublin 11 Ireland

What was Ned Kelly's favorite weapon?

Ned Kelly was known to have used several differrent weapons. His favourite was an old 60cm long .577 calibre carbine which was sawn off at the butt and barrel and held together with waxed string.

What was Ned kelly's Beliefs and Influences?

In the new book: "Australian Bushrangers, the Police, and God". The issue of Ned and Heaven is explained as accurately as is possible using historical facts of the day. The book is factual story is about "Australian Bushrangers", including Ned Kelly, who had the opportunity to trust in God, (MORE)

Who is Ned Kelly's wife?

Ned Kelly did not marry, although rumours that he married (or had a fiancee) have surfaced periodically ever since he was hanged. There remains no evidence that he had a wife.

Who made ned kelly's armor?

Ned Kelly's used a local blacksmith at Kellys property using a bush forge. Ned Kelly's gang blind folded and kidnapped a local blacksmith by the name of Schultz. Schultz only made two plates and was unable to get enough heat in the bush forge to complete the set. Schultz was returned under blindfold (MORE)

Who were Ned Kelly's family?

ned kellys whole family were brother called Dan Kelly father called John Kelly and mother called Ellen Kelly.

What were Ned Kelly's hobbies?

In Ned Kelly's time, men who worked on the land did not have timefor "hobbies". They spent their time working on their farms andcattlestations or sheep stations, ploughing, harvesting, musteringand completing any of the other myriad jobs around the property.

Who was Ned Kelly's mother and father?

Ned Kelly's father was an Irish convict named John Kelly who was sent to Australia for an unknown crime. His mother was named Ellen Quinn and was a farmer's daughter.

How do you reach regis and kelly's inbox?

not sure first time trying to use the PC just wanted to tell regis and kelly how great i think they are i love the show you both are the greatest and i hope the show never ends i would love to go on one of your trips but my husband has been very sick and we could not afford it anyway you all help pe (MORE)

How many Malcolm kelly's are in the world?

there are two 1.if you click onto Google and write Malcolm kelly and then press images that's one 2. the second one is livi kelly's dad. he's so cool our family know pixie lott there are 2 Malcolm kelly's

Where is Grace Kelly's house in Ireland?

Grace Kelly was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, and as Princess resided in Monaco. Neither is any part of the Emerald Isle! Kelly, is of course an Irish name, but she never resided in Ireland to may knowledge- Motel rooms at airport complexes, aside.

What were Ned Kelly's siblings names?

Australian bushranger Ned Kelly had five sisters, two half-sisters, two brothers and one half-brother. His sisters were Maggie (born in 1857) and Catherine, also known as Kate or Kittie (born 1863), Mary, who died as a baby, Anne and Grace. After Ned Kelly's father died, his mother remarried, and (MORE)

Where was Ned Kelly's trial?

Ned Kelly was committed to trial for murder at Beechworth Magistrate's Court, in northeastern Victoria. He was then transferred to the Melbourne, where he was tried in the Supreme Court.

Who was Grace Kelly's daughter?

Grace Kelly had 2 daughters and 1 son 1) Caroline, Princess of Hanover 2) Albert II, Prince of Monaco 3) Princess Stephanie Marie Elisabeth.

How old are R. Kelly's children?

Robert and Andrea Kelly had three children before divorcing: Joann - born 1998 Jay (born Jaya) -born 2000 Robert Kelly, Jr. -born 2002

What was grace kelly's favorite perfume?

it was written that she liked Private Collection by Estee Lauder. I don't know if that was her favorite but that was one she wore. Creed Fleurissimo, Estee, Chateau Krigler 12. Joy, and Private Collection by Estee Lauder. Most women of the time wore only florals.

What was the colour of Ned Kelly's hair?

it was RED Ned's hair was not red, maybe a small ginger touch but not red. Look at the photographs we have, the man was Irish not Scottish. His father was called Red Kelly maybe that was why you thought he had red hair.

What was Grace Kelly's family like?

Grace Kelly was named after her father's sister, an aspiring actress who had died young at the age of 23. Her father, Jack Kelly was a self-made millionaire, the son of Irish immigrants. His older brother Patrick had started his own brickworks business, where Jack learned the ropes. Charming and cha (MORE)

Kelly's Heroes R rated?

It is not! If you find that rating tagged to Kelly's Heroes that is a mistake! It is rated PG (would be rated PG13 if it came out today)

What is Ryan and Kelly's relationship on the office?

For a little bit they're just coworkers, but then they end up dating. Ryan eventually dumps Kelly, and she is very upset. She will go back out with him if she asks him. Kelly starts dating Daryll and she tries to make Ryan jealous whenever he comes back form corporate. I'm not quite sure if anything (MORE)

Who were Ned Kelly's half sisters?

Australian bushranger Ned Kelly had five sisters, and two were half-sisters. After Ned Kelly's father died, his mother remarried, and gave birth to two daughters, Ellen and Alice.

What was ned kelly's crime as a bushranger?

He killed police officers at Stringbark Creek, held up banks, held people hostage and tired to derail a train filled with police and then kill them. Put simply his crime was murder.

Why was Ned Kelly's appearance special?

Ned Kelly's appearance was not special. He was an ordinary chap with a beard, like many young men of his time. However, he did fashion some simple armour from an old plough, and this was quite distinctive.

What did your husband do?

Husbands can do many things. Some may work in construction while others are financial planners or surgeons. What your husband does for a living can dictate the quality of life you experience.

Is Luke Kelly's wife Irish?

He was married to Deirdre O'Connell from 1965 to the early 1970s. He lived with his German partner Madeleine Seiler from 1977 to 1984.