Who is Moushi and what happened to him?

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Mouschi was Peter Van Daans cat.

Mouschi was a stray cat that Peter found and adopted.

Mouschi ran away during the night.
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If there is no will what happens?

Dying without a will is called "intestacy." The intestacy laws of your state will apply. These laws vary from state to state, but they generally decide who gets what, based on

What is the happening about?

When human populations become too dense and adverse the plants start to excrete nerve toxins killing millions.

What is happening with me?

if your a girl your probably having your first period. if your a guy.... get a girl its your puberty kicking in.

What happens when you do it?

Meaning sexual intercourse. The man puts his penis up the womans vagina firmly. This is also known as "making love". . You could have a baby but if you use a condom you are

What happens if?

You just have to deal with it,man - If it happens there's a reason so live life with the glass half full and party!

What happen to it?

its magic, it disappeared and its probably happy somewhere else

What happens when you get a A?

You become immortal. if it is your first time to get an A then your teacher made a mistake if it isn't then your mom made a mistake.

What is a happening?

A happening is something that happens, an event. This term was used in the 1960's and 1970's to mean a seemingly spontaneous or artistic or musical or otherwise unusual or int
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What happens when you do not have a will?

The jurisdiction will probably have an intestacy law. That specifies how the estate will be distributed if there is anything remaining after settling debts.
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What happens to them?

When they wake up from their beds, drenched in a cold sweat... theyglance over towards their door. It slowly opens. The door creakslike a old chair. Then the creature comes in
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Has this happened?

Has what happened? Please be more specific. I would love to answer your question.
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What happened?

place the smoke source near the hole