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Sazzy Lee Varga is a glamour model, actress, first assistant director and philanthropist living Southern California. She has been in Playboy, Easyriders, on Sci-Fi, Life-time.
She has a foundation which just went non profit called: Cameras for Culture. The Tibetan Photo Project is one of her causes.
First Model to have photos online and to look for work in modeling via the internet. She was on Compuserve in 1993, and on AOL in the Kodak forum that same year. Sazzy Lee Varga was one of Playboy Magazine's original "Women of the Internet"
and an Original Scream Queen. First film- Children of The Night- shot in Eagle River Wi. Sazzy Lee Varga recurring guest on The Maury Show Featured Celebrity in "The Secrets of Skinny Chicks"

Member of the DGA
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