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Who is a woman trumpeter beside Manu in Andre Rieu concert?

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Manoe doesn't play the trumpet. There are no female trumpet players in the JSO.
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Was Andre rieu ever divorced?

He's been happily married to Marjorie for 35 years - no divorces.

DOES Andre Rieu have grandchildren?

Andre has four grandchildren. A set of twins by his younger son Pierre and his wife Eefje, the girls are called linde and Lieke Andre's older son Marc and his partner Andre ha

How ill is Andre Rieu?

"ANDRÉ RIEU IS SLOWLY RECOVERING "(Article in RTL Boulevard, 14 March 2012) Things are getting better with the sick André Rieu. Accoroding to andre's spokesman: "It's good

How long is the Andre rieu concert?

The length of Andre's concerts varies somewhat, but overall they take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Is Mirushia still with Andre Rieu?

Yes, she is with him on all of his tours for 2011. They are touring now in Germany.

Where did Andre rieu come from?

Andre was born Oct 1 1949 in Maastricht, the netherlands. He was born in a musical family. the father was a conductor and all five children played an instrument.