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If you live in a country with good health care and access to healthy food etc no one is at risk. Teens can have a little bit higher risk because they don't always stick to eating healthy etc but that is individual.
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What is Teenage Pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy can be a serious social issue. By definition it is when a single teenager becomes pregnant. Mere age is not the main challenge, since it was once not uncommon f

Risk of pregnancy?

High if you do it when you ovulate or have unprotected sex less than a week before you ovulate since sperms can live inside you for up to a week.

How does pregnancy affect the potential of teenage pregnancy?

for a teenager to get pregnant is bad because most of the time the girl is not responsible enough to take care of the child, and was not responsible enough to make that kind o

What is the risk of teenage pregnancy?

  Teenage pregnancy these days are very common but that doesnt mean we should all practice it.   The risk factors are as these listed   ~You risk having your parents

Research paper about risk in teenage pregnancy?

A research paper written about risks in teenage pregnancy can give  teens something to think about before having sex. There are many  risks one may not really be aware of an

How does pregnancy affect the finances of teenage pregnancy?

Finances are affected by the person who is paying for the pregnancy. The teen father of the baby may have to quit school and get a full time job to support the baby. If the te

How can teenage pregnancy affect us teenagers?

Teenage pregnancy affects their lives because they possibly may nit be able to finish high school & the statistics of teenage mothers / parents attending college & finishing i

What are risks Teenage pregnancy?

There are several risks to teenage pregnancy. Here are a few: H.I.V. and many other deadly/potentially deadly STD's that can be passed to your children.Higher risk of miscarr
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Is teenage pregnancy the teenagers fault?

not always. Sadly,, the teenager could have been raped, and therefore have no control over her getting pregnant. The teenager may be sexually active and not have planned for a
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How does pregnancy affect the education of teenage pregnancy?

60% drop out of high school and less than 2% have a college degree by the time they are 30. Doing homework with a baby that need attention is not possible. You have to have so