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Who is daddy Yankee married to?

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Daddy Yankee is married to a woman called Mireddys Gonzalez they married when they were 17.
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Daddy Yankee real name?

Raymond Luis Ayala Rodriguez  U got a SEXY name!!!! hell yeah  wow didnt know that wusz his real name

Is daddy Yankee gay?

i think his not gay because he have 3 children and wife,i think but im not sure.But who knows?I want to belive hes not because his name is Daddy Yankee(the big boss).

Does Daddy Yankee have children?

yes,he has 3. Yamilette is a girl who is 13 years old, Jessealys is a girl who is 11 years old and Jermey is a boy who is 9 years old.

Who is Daddy Yankee?

Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican rapper. He is 32 years old. He has a family. He is so fine. He was one of the only celebrities that voted for John McCain. He was born in Rio Pi

Who daddy Yankee its with now?

  He is with his wife: Mireddys Gonzalez, they got married when he was 17. She is 33.

What gang was daddy Yankee in?

He never were involved in gangs. As a child he was an athlete. Later on he became was hi is now.

Why daddy Yankee is called daddy Yankee?

Because in Puerto Rico (where he is from) Yankee is slang meaning someone who is tall and big in what he/she does so "Daddy Yankee" means "Big Daddy"