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Adam (Peace be upon him). Yes indeed, Adam as is the first human being created by Allah swt in Heaven. Adam was created from several different types of clay from this earth and the Heaven. Adam (just like the Jinns & the Angels) was created to submit to the Will of Allah and to worship Him and no other (which Islam represents until today and the end of time in this universe). Having said that Adam is actually the first human being and a Muslim, created by Allah; whilst his wife Hawa or Eve is the 2nd human being, a Muslim, created by Allah.
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What is the Muslim population of the world?

Source: wikipedia The Muslim population of the world is between 1.4 and 1.5 billion which is roughly 22% of the total world population.

List of Muslim countries in the world?

Country Capital Currency Saudi Arabia Riyadh Saudi riyal Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian rupiah Pakistan Islamabad Pakistani rupee Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladeshi taka Nigeria A

How do Muslims believe the world began?

Mulims believe that Allah (the Muslim god) said "Be" and suddenly the universe was there. he then formed the first man (Adam) out of clay. He told Adam everything there was t

What is the world population of Muslim terrorists?

A terrorist has no religion. Anybody who takes or plans to take the life of innocent people revolts against the authority of Almighty God. Islam does not permit it. All human

How many Shia Muslims in the world?

The Shia are estimated to account for 10 to 15% of the total Muslim population, which puts their numbers at 165 to 190 million world wide.

What is the geographic importance of Muslim world?

Well its Hajj that's basically the center of Muslims where the Ka'ba is situated. All the mosques around the world is oriented to face the Ka'ba (:
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When were Muslims first called Muslims?

Short answer: Since start of mankind Long answer: As long as the Arabic language, along with its sister languages, Hebrew & Aramaic, have been around, Muslims have been ther

Where in the world do Muslims live?

A Muslim is anyone who believes in and follows Islam. Islam is a religion, and is not restricted to one region or race. This means that there are Muslims living all around the

How many Muslims are there in the world 2013?

Answer 1 Muslim population in year 2013 is around 2000.6 million Muslims (28.26% of world population). Refer to link below.    Answer 2 The Pew World Forum sticks to the

What are physical features of Muslim world?

There is nothing called a "Muslim World" Muslims are not aliens to have a different type of world they live in a normal world just like you. If your asking what are physical
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Who was the greatest physician of the Muslim world?

Some consider Al-Razi (Rhazes), born in 865 AD, to be the greatest  physician in the Muslim world. He wrote a 10-volume treatise on  Greek medicine and published his thought