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Linda Khumalo is an ICT expert who owns Mzansi Information Services, a company that owns the Sollywood brand in South Africa. Linda is also the author of Telecommunications Made Easy and known for his involvement in bringing the internet to the communities. Linda is also a film maker, as the executive producer of Ingxoxo, The Negotiation and is known for pioneering innovative ideas of bringing digital content to the communities. Linda is also a lecturer at Wits Business School delivering wireless communications to the post graduate students.
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Who is Leleti Khumalo?

    Leleti Khumalo (born 1970 in KwaMashu township, north of Durban, South Africa) is a Zulu South African actress who played the leading role in the movie Sarafi

When did Leleti Khumalo discover that she was HIV positive?

Leleti Khumalo is not HIV positive in real life. However, she  played a mother that discovered she was HIV positive in the film  Yesterday (2006).

Is basetsana khumalo HIV positive?

Her HIV status is her personal issue, she doesn't need to disclose unless if she wishes to, and she must not be made to feel guilty about keeping some of her issues private as
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Do linda have married?

first of all that question didnt make ANY since love , me1234@g-mail.com

What movie and television projects has Leleti Khumalo been in?

Leleti Khumalo has: Played Katie in "Cry, the Beloved Country" in 1995. Played Fedens in "Hotel Rwanda" in 2004. Played Paulina in "The Zulu" in 2005. Played Flo Raphoto in "H