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Who is the agent in a power of attorney?

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The agent acts on behalf of the principal and is the person named as the attorney in fact under a power of attorney.
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Weather a principal can cancel the general power attorney with out giving notice to the agent?

A principal can certainly cancel the general power of attorney without giving notice to the agent, but if notice is not given the agent might continue to act upon the principa

Can three people be your agent on a power of attorney?

\n. \nYes. You can appoint multiple agents. You should make certain the POA document states that any one has the power to sign on your behalf. Otherwise anyone who needs to r

Can an agent revoke power of attorney?

An agent can resign in writing and deliver the resignation to the principal. A copy should be given to any entity that was given a copy of the original POA. If the original wa

Is Power of attorney given to agent to benefit himself is enforceable?

Self-dealing by an attorney-in-fact is a violation of the law. You should consult with an attorney who can review the situation and explain your options. \n. \nThe POA should

Can an agent sue on behalf of the principal without a power of attorney?

No. You are asking if you can sue under the powers of a Power of Attorney if you don't have any powers under a Power of Attorney. There would be no 'principal' if there wasn't

What should you do if an agent does not show proof of Power of Attorney?

If an agent cannot provide proof of their authority then you should NOT accept their signature on any legal document. They have no authority until they can PROVE that they do.

What is the difference between a Power of Attorney and an agent?

"Power of attorney" means a written instrument. "Attorney-in-fact" means a person granted authority to act for the principal in a power of attorney, regardless of whether the

What if the agent under a Power of Attorney doesn't keep records?

An attorney-in-fact has sweeping power over the assets of the principal. For that reason they are subject to state laws that govern the actions of fiduciaries. An AIF should m

Can agent act as power of attorney and notary?

Not enough information is given with which to answer the question. WHAT kind of "agent" is being referred to? However this general statement can be made; an individiual acting