Who is the chancellor of Panjab university Chandigarh?

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Vice president of India is chancellor of Panjab university

Hamid ansari is vice president of India
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How do you rate uiet panjab university?

one of the best institute for mech&cse in India .opened in 2001 it has progressed well.infrastructure is in making and it giving compition to DCE now.

Is Chancellor University a good school?

You should look into the university to find out if it is a good fit for you, since this can be a subjective question. There are some things that make a good school though, lik

What are the qualifications of a university chancellor?

Hi, this is Abdul wali khan zazai Well i think that qualifications of a univeristy chancellor is that he should be minimum having at least 15 years of experience in law subjec

What does a chancellor of a university do?

In the US, the Chancellor is in charge of a campus of the University. The Head of the overall University is the President. In the UK, the Chancellor is the owner of the Uni

Who is a university vice-chancellor?

In the US, a Chancellor is responsible for running a campus of the University. The Vice-Chancellor is their assistant and deputy. In the UK, a Chancellor is the head of the
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Who does a university chancellor answer to?

Canada In Canada, the administration of universities is determined on aprovince-by-province basis. This means that the structure ofCanadian universities also depends on the
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Is LPU was affiliated by panjab agriculture university?

LPU is an a University itself. Lovely professional universityhas been established by state legislature of government of Punjab through Act and recognised byUniversity Grants
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Where is Chancellor University located?

Chancellor University is a private, for-profit university located in the Cleveland , Ohio area. It offers primarily business programs, although not exclusively.