Who killed Ali in the series Pretty Little Liars?

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Ali had a twin sister name Courtney, Courtney was acting like Ali cause she has mental problems so Ali had to go to a hospital acting like Courtney. Ali got mad at Courtney so she killed Courtney, Ali is still alive Courtney is dead.

This is rather confusing...

The DiLaurentis's actually had three children; Jason, Ali, and a twin sister of Ali's, named Courtney. While Ali lived as the popular girl, there was a school activity called "The Time Capsule". There are many pieces of the flag hidden, and Ali claimed to have one, because her brother, Jason, told her where it was.

The PLLs (Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna) were nobodies, and Ali had befriended the most popular girls in school, Naomi and Riley. All four of the girls had showed up that night to steal Ali's flag piece. Courtney (pretending to be Ali) had said that they were too late, as the flag piece had already been stolen (apparently by Jason, as Aria later reveals). Ali and Courtney had switched places, and the Dilaurentis parents didn't know.

Later on, Ali is sent to a mental hospital (the very same one that Hanna had been sent to by her father) and Courtney takes her place in school. Not knowing who Naomi and Riley were, she ran to befriend the 4 PLLs. Ali later gets revenge on Courtney for ruining her school life and pushes her into a deep ditch to kill her, during a sleepover in Spencer's sister's barn.

(side note - Mona probably didn't actually have any interaction with the Ali that killed Courtney.)

In other words, Ali was NOT killed in the ditch.


The DiLaurentis parents announced that they indeed had another daughter... one that no one (including the PLLs) knew about. Her name was Courtney (who was actually Ali). She tells all of the PLLs and brings them to their beach house as a "celebration sleepover" for reuniting. While they were sleeping, Ali traps them inside the house, to try to kill them. She gives them a note that says that they ruined her life. This is when the PPLs smell smoke and try to escape the house, using a secret passage that they used to use for scaring Jason DiLaurentis, where they see Ian Thomas's dead body, and Spencer's older sister, Melissa (still alive). Barely escaping, they watch the house blow up, with the REAL Ali still inside.

Sara Shepard leaves the reader hanging in the epilogue, when she says that a new student has moved into your school, as an anagram on Alison DiLaurentis, suggesting that she is still alive.

There are many speculations as to who killed Ali teen series "Pretty Little Liars." Add your thoughts below:

  • The Pretty Little Liars never knew that Ali actually had a twin named Courtney, who was insane. One day, Courtney managed to switch places with Ali. The Ali that all the girls knew was really Courtney! When the real Ali finally came back, she killed Courtney.
  • YES! Courtney is really the dead one, not A (Ali).
  • Ali never died. She has a twin sister named Courtney, who is sick in the head, who pretends to be Ali all along, while Ali is away at a mental home. Courtney becomes "friends" with the four girls and learns about all of their secrets and keeps it in a diary. When Courtney (Ali) is supposed to be coming back from the home to visit her family, the real Ali murders her sister in revenge.
  • Okay, in the last book in the series, Wanted, you learn that Alison DiLaurentis had a twin sister named Courtney DiLaurentis, who didn't live with the family due to mental issues. The twins are identical. Later on you find out that Courtney always pretended to be Alison, causing much confusion amongst the DiLaurentis family. The night that "Alison" disappeared, it was really Courtney in Spencer Hasting's barn, not Alison like the girls thought. Alison despised Courtney because back awhile ago, Courtney dumped Alison's popular friend Naomi, and traded her for 4 new "losers," who just so happened to be Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily. Many of the girls adventures with whom they thought they shared with Alison, were actually with Courtney who pretended to be Alison. In the end you discover that the actual Ali killed Courtney for throwing away her perfect life. The body that was discovered in Maya's backyard was Courtney DiLaurentis. Ali is still alive, but after Mona Vanderwaal dies, Ali takes on the role of "A." So in conclusion, Alison is the killer, and she killed her twin sister, Courtney out of fury and revenge. She ended up killing herself by trying to kill Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily.
  • The person who was killed was Ali's twin sister Courtney. She was killed by Alison because she had stolen Alisons perfect life

Alli has a sister Cortney so i think she did it
Alison has a twin sister named Courtney, who was with Aria,Spencer, Hanna, and Emily the night she disappeared, Courtney pretended to be Ali and ditched Naomi and Riley (Alis popular friends) so the night in the barn, Alison murdered her sister Courtney and everyone thought it was Alison who was dead.
her twin sister who got sent off to a mental camp instead of her
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Who is Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

Ali is the girl that was best friends with Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna. Ali was the queen bee. Everyone LOVED her. In the summer before entering grade 7, Ali went missing on the night of a summer kickoff party for Spencer, Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Ali. Ali's body was found, and then in the last (MORE)

Pretty Little Liars who killed Ali?

Okay So Ali was not killed until the last book. The person who was killed was her twin sister. OK so when her sister came in town from a mental place she swapped lives with Ali. And there parents did not believe because the sister always said she was Ali. And the real came back form a new mental pla (MORE)

Who kills Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

n the Conclusion to the Series " Wanted" it is revealed that Ali has a twin named Courtney who did not live with the family due to health problems. Courtney comes to Rosewood day where she befriends the four PLL and tells them that she is really Ali. She explains that Courtney was home the weekend o (MORE)

Did Melissa kill Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

No ali killed ali, to explain u have to first know that the ali that aria,Emily,Spencer, and hanna were friends with was really Courtney(Ali's identical twin tht was supposed to be in a mental institute for impersonating ali). When the real ali came home she killed her twin by burying her alive, suf (MORE)

In the Pretty Little Liars series who killed Ali?

No one killed ali! Shes still alive! IF you read the books it says that they didnt hear anything the night she died. They actually saw ali in Wicked but everyone is saying that it was just a hilusionation, but how would they all see her at the exact same time? It also says that Ian broke his house a (MORE)

Who killed Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

In the 7th book, Heartless , it is suggested that Billy Ford killed Ali. In the 8th book of the series, Wanted , the truth is revealed (in somewhat retroactive continuity). Ali secretly had a twin sister, Courtney, who the girls knew as "Ali" until she was killed, actually by her sister the real (MORE)

Did Ian kill Ali in the Pretty Little Liars books?

No, Ian Thomas did not kill Alison DiLaurentis. The killer is Alison's twin, Courtney DiLaurentis. In the book Ali's Little Lies, it shows that Courtney definitely killed her twin, Ali, but she had an accomplice, which the real Courtney knew just as she died, and Sara Shepard says the accomplice wi (MORE)

Why was Ali killed in Pretty Little Liars?

This is rather confusing... Okay. So the DiLaurentis's actually had three children; Jason, Ali, and a twin sister of Ali's, named Courtney. While Ali lived as the popular girl, there was a school activity called "The Time Capsule". There are many pieces of the flag hidden, and Ali claimed to have (MORE)

Why did Ian kill Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

it depends, in the books the reall ali kills her twin sister cortney who was staging as Allison. if they don't go by the books ian killed Allison because she knew about the "home movies" ian had made about them...

In Pretty Little Liars is Ali A?

Yes Ali is A but not at first. Mona was A first because she wantedrevenge on Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria because they were mean toher when she was younger. Mona died falling off a cliff when shewas trying to kill Hanna because Hanna knew Mona was A. InsteadMona fell and died. .Ali never died it w (MORE)

Why is Ali killed in Pretty Little Liars?

in the books : alison had a identical twin sister Courtney . who had health problems .that's why she never lived with alison her brother , her parents. alison ( the one who was in the mental hospital) returns to rosewood . after a heated argument with Spencer. alison ( Courtney) runs in the woods bu (MORE)

How did Ali die in the Pretty Little Liars series?

She doesn't. Her mentally ill twin Courtney the girls never knew about was pushed into the hole for the gazeebo by the real Ali who Courtney kidnapped and took to the hospital saying Ali was her. Ali escaped and, for revenge, pushed Courtney into the hole after stabbing her ,which was filled with co (MORE)

In Pretty Little Liars series did Ali really die?

No! Ali had a twin sister whos name was cournty and she was mentle and one day Courtney took Ali's life and ali got sent away to a mentle house and so Courtney was friends with the 4 the whole time and one night when "Courtney" (ali) comes to vistit she kills her in revenge

Is Ali dead in the Pretty Little Liars series?

The real Ali is not dead. Ali was in the hospital stuck as her twin Courntey and Courntey was Ali who was friends with all the girls. Courtney is the one who died but everyone thinks it was Ali. The real Ali comes back for revenge on the girls and Courntey for taking her life away.

Where is Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

in the books she is in the mental institution after her twinsisters made her switch places, in the tv show she has been on therun, but currently is back in rosewood She is dead but appears in several flashbacks throughout the season Alison, or Ali, or as some people THINK, -A, she is dead. They are (MORE)

Does Ali come back in the Pretty Little Liars Series?

It may come back in the book!!But if you watched the latest prettylittle liars that was on tv you would know that that the four girlsbought Halloween dresses and went to a party in the park and thenthey found Ali running and they stopped her and she said "Yes itsme Im still alive but Im hiding from (MORE)

Who killed Ali from Pretty Little Liars?

Ali was allegedly killed by her identical twin sister, Courtney, although it is later revealed that Courtney was the one who was killed. Courtney suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and her parents wanted to send her to a hospital. Alison and Courtney switched places, and Alison was sent to the (MORE)

Who killed Ali in the SHOW Pretty Little Liars?

Nobody killed Ali in the Show. People thought that she was dead butshe was buried by her mother because her mother thought she died.Somehow she made it out and made it to the liars in rosewood.

How did Jenna kill Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

You don't know that she killed her in the television show, but inthe books, Courtney, Alison's twin sister, killed Ali. Mona is thefirst A, and Courtney is the second A, because Mona dies in thebooks, but A is someone different in the show. I know that A isdifferent because I read on the ABCfamily w (MORE)

Why did Ali kill Courtney in Pretty Little Liars?

Because Courtney was pretending to be alison and Alison got tired of it. Ali killed Courtney in Pretty Little Liars becuz Courtney kept on pretending to be Ali so Ali killed Courtney but the girls mistakened and thought that Ali is the one thats still alive so they say two can't keep a secret if one (MORE)

Who does Spencer kill in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Spencer kills Mona - Hanna found out that Mona was -A and then Mona hits Hanna with her car and then Hanna loses memory but she starts to get it back and Mona and Spencer were together in the car and then Hannah texts Spencer to get out of the car and Mona tries to kill Spencer but then Spencer kill (MORE)

Why does Spencer think she killed Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

Because when she was younger she got sick and had some memory loss, so there on she was able to just forget things she didn't want to remember. She eventually remembered that she had fought with Ali and pushed her into a wall and she heard a crack. She remembered this when she pushed Melissa, her si (MORE)

Who killed Ali from the Pretty Little Liars?

Ali never died. The person everybody thought was Ali was actually Courtney, Ali's twin sister. Courtney was who Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer were friends with. Courtney was pretending to be Ali because Courtney had a mental condition and was put into this mental facility. When she was visiting ho (MORE)

Why is Ali A on Pretty Little Liars?

Mona is -A in Pretty Little Liars in the beginning of the series.However, she is killed by falling off a cliff. Aria, Hannah, Emily,Spencer, and Courtney (Alison's twin sister) were always mean toMona and she wanted to get major revenge. In this show, Courtneyreally dies not Alison. Courtney had pro (MORE)

Who actually kills ali in pretty littled liars?

Well, Ali and her twin sister Courtney got mixed up one day and her sister was about to get taken to a mental hospital but saw the four main girl hanna aria Emily and Spencer standing outside. So she went outside and pretended to be Ali and Ali was stuck with her sisters life because of course her m (MORE)

Where is Ali on Pretty Little Liars?

Alison DiLaurentis has a secret twin sister named Courtney DiLaurentis who has been shipped away to a mental hospital. Only her family knows about her. Alison is living a happy life in Rosewood until 6th grade when Courtney visits. She pretends to be Ali and steals her "A" initial ring. When it's ti (MORE)

What book do you find out who kills Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

Okay, I'm not sure which book but I do know the answer. If you don't want to know it, don't read below. Ali has a exact look alike twin named Courtney Courtney tried to be ali and Courtney was mentally ill so when they went to send Courtney away they sent ali away and Courtney went back to rosewo (MORE)

How did Ali kill her sister on Pretty Little Liars?

Ok heres what happened... Ali's sister Courtney was metally ill and always pretended to be Ali. One day Ali accidentally was taken to the mental hospital instead of Courtney. Ali killed her and threw her in the hole in their backyard.

Who killed Toby in the series Pretty Little Liars?

Toby does die in the book series. No one kills Toby in the book series. It was suicide in the book he overdosed on pills. He is found dead behind Emily Fields's house. Emily finds a note which contained the truth of 'The Jenna Thing'. Spencer tells the other girls the truth: Toby abused his stepsis (MORE)

Does Ali kill herself in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison didn't kill herself. She had a twin who was the one who spent all the time with Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily and did other things also such as The Jenna Thing. The sister's name was Courtney. Ali hated Courtney for ruining her life so she kills her. Another surprising detail was that Courtn (MORE)

Why would Mona kill Ali on Pretty Little Liars?

Mona did not kill Ali. Spencer killed Mona because Mona was trying to kill her. The real Ali came to Rosewood and killed Courtney, her twin, because Courtney the crazy one stole Ali's life. The real Ali also killed Jenna, and framed Billy Ford, the Gazebo worker for both Ali and Jenna's murder.

Who all was apart in the killing of Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

As far as I read the real Alison has not died. (SPOLIER ALERT) Courtney is the one who dies and the one who is really friends with the liars, Alison dosen't even know them.She and her twin get switched (courtney is mental that is why she makes her friends do crazy things)So Alison goes to the mental (MORE)

Does Ali kill Tabitha in the Pretty Little Liars book?

So far, the books have not revealed who has killed Tabitha, but it does show that Aria Montgomery's push did not kill her. Most fans have rumored that A probably killed her when she fell, to make it look like Aria killed her.