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Pretty Little Liars is a teen book series written by Sara Shepard. The series also has a TV show on ABC Family which started in June 2010.

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Who is A in the end of Pretty Little Liars?

In the end of Pretty Little Liars, it turns out that Ali had a twin sister, named Courtney, who was fooling everyone into thinking that she was Ali. While the real Ali was in a mental institution after her parents believed that she was Courtney. The "A" from the beginning is actually Mona, and the "Pretty Little Liars" find out that it was her and Mona died. However, "A" is still out there haunting the girls after Mona dies, which means that there is still someone out there that know all of there secrets. It was actually the real Ali who wanted to get revenge on the girls.

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Is Mona Vanderwaal 'A' in the 'Pretty Little Liars' book series?

Pretty Little Liars is a popular book series about a group of four girls who lose their best friend Allison. In the books, the girls receive text messages from a girl named "A." But just who is A? But, in the tv show it's been changed a lot. Now Mona is being harassed by A meaning she can't be A. So obviously the producers changed it.

There are TWO A's in Pretty Little Liars.

  • The first A is Mona V, who discovered all the secrets about the four girls when Mya moved into Ali's old house, and Ali's diary was with the things that Mya moved out of Alison's old room.
  • Mona takes this diary and gets her revenge from when the four girls were mean to her and called her a loser. Mona gets killed when she was trying to push Spencer off a cliff. Spencer moved away, and Mona fell down the cliff instead, therefore killing A number 1.
  • The second A is really Alison DiLaurentis-The Alison that the girls were friends with was really her identical twin sister, Courtney. Courtney was mentally ill, so they sent her to a mental institution. However, Courtney escaped from the mental institute and sent the real Ali in her place.
  • Courtney got rid of all of Alison's old friends so they would not figure out that she was not Ali, and got 4 new friends, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily. The real Ali escaped from the mental institution and killed Courtney, then buried her in the backyard.
  • Of course, when they found Courtney's body, they thought it was Alison, because they are identical twins. Alison then became the second A because she found the diary that Courtney was keeping about the 4 girls and all of their secrets.
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Who kidnaps Alison from Spencer's barn that night on Pretty Little Liars?

It is not really alison, but it is her twin sister who was home from the mental hospital and she sent alison back. Courtney Dilaurentis gets in a fight with spencer and is killed by A. If you read the books it will all make sense.

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What is the nat club in Pretty Little Liars?

The N.A.T Club is 3 words (Can't remember them.) in Latin that means "We See All". In the school yearbook that Spencer & Toby find of Ian's. And the only people that are in it are Jason DiLaurentis (Ali's older brother), Garrett Reynolds (The dirty cop/Jenna's love interest), & Ian Thomas (Suspect of killing Ali/Melissa's (spencers sister) dead husband/Tried to kill Spencer).

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What is Ezra in Pretty Little Liars real name?

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What is Sean's last name in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Sean Ackard is Hannah's ex-boyfriend on "Pretty Little Liars." He is played by Chuck Hittinger. He was also in the film "American Reunion" and "Sharknado."

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How old is Spencer Hastings?

The character Spencer Hastings was 16 in the first episode of Pretty Little Liars (born April 11, 1994), and so are her other friends. Troian Bellisario, the actress who plays Spencer, was born October 28, 1985 and was 24 when the series debuted in 2010.

In the sixth season (2015-2016), the timeline jumps ahead 5 years and the girls are in their 20s, closer to the ages of the actresses playing them.

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Where was Alison hiding in Pretty Little Liars?

Allison is hiding in a mental hospital being mistaken for Courtney. She escapes and kills Allison which is her twin Courtney. Courtney has been Allison the whole time trying to ruin the real Allison's life. So in revenge, Allison kidnaps and kills Courtney.
She's not hiding she's dead or she's pretending to be dead and she's -A

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Does Courtney or Alison blind Jenna?

Well, since after the day Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer went to Ali's backyard to steal the Time Capsule Flag, Courtney pretented to be Ali, and ali got sent to the Preserve, so it was Courtney.

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How do you say the name Alison DiLaurentis?

Ali's last name is pronounced: Dee-luh-ren-tus

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When did the Pretty Little Liars season 1 start?

June 8, 2010

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What does SOS mean in Pretty Little Liars?

sos means to save our souls in which Spencer was calling for help... The text indicated that they had an emergency and that she needed the girls to come quick.

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When does Pretty Little Liars take place?

Pretty Little Liars takes place in Rosewood Pennsylvania

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What is NAT in Pretty Little Liars?

It means We See All in english

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Who is pretty eyes in Pretty Little Liars?

Hanna By Far ! (:

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Where is Pretty Little Liars filmed?

The story is set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, but the show is fImled in Califoria but the first episode of season one was filmed in Vancouver.

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What is the Jason thing in Pretty Little Liars?

Jason is that creepy older brother who is being framed by Jenna and garret

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What is the name of this song Pretty little lighty?

Miss Brat - Get Dark

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Is the book Pretty Little Liars for AR?

Yes. I'd recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 12 and 18. This book has some foul language so make sure that you are ready for it.

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Do aria and mr fitz get caught?

yes,thanks to A(or alison)she sent pictures of them kissing in his apartment to sean(her boyfriend)and he sent the cops to his house and he moved away once he was caught

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What is Caleb from Pretty Little Liars secret?

Jenna is paying him to spy on Hanna

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Who killed Ali in the series Pretty Little Liars?

Ali had a twin sister name Courtney, Courtney was acting like Ali cause she has mental problems so Ali had to go to a hospital acting like Courtney. Ali got mad at Courtney so she killed Courtney, Ali is still alive Courtney is dead.

This is rather confusing...

The DiLaurentis's actually had three children; Jason, Ali, and a twin sister of Ali's, named Courtney. While Ali lived as the popular girl, there was a school activity called "The Time Capsule". There are many pieces of the flag hidden, and Ali claimed to have one, because her brother, Jason, told her where it was.

The PLLs (Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna) were nobodies, and Ali had befriended the most popular girls in school, Naomi and Riley. All four of the girls had showed up that night to steal Ali's flag piece. Courtney (pretending to be Ali) had said that they were too late, as the flag piece had already been stolen (apparently by Jason, as Aria later reveals). Ali and Courtney had switched places, and the Dilaurentis parents didn't know.

Later on, Ali is sent to a mental hospital (the very same one that Hanna had been sent to by her father) and Courtney takes her place in school. Not knowing who Naomi and Riley were, she ran to befriend the 4 PLLs. Ali later gets revenge on Courtney for ruining her school life and pushes her into a deep ditch to kill her, during a sleepover in Spencer's sister's barn.

(side note - Mona probably didn't actually have any interaction with the Ali that killed Courtney.)

In other words, Ali was NOT killed in the ditch.


The DiLaurentis parents announced that they indeed had another daughter... one that no one (including the PLLs) knew about. Her name was Courtney (who was actually Ali). She tells all of the PLLs and brings them to their beach house as a "celebration sleepover" for reuniting. While they were sleeping, Ali traps them inside the house, to try to kill them. She gives them a note that says that they ruined her life. This is when the PPLs smell smoke and try to escape the house, using a secret passage that they used to use for scaring Jason DiLaurentis, where they see Ian Thomas's dead body, and Spencer's older sister, Melissa (still alive). Barely escaping, they watch the house blow up, with the REAL Ali still inside.

Sara Shepard leaves the reader hanging in the epilogue, when she says that a new student has moved into your school, as an anagram on Alison DiLaurentis, suggesting that she is still alive.

There are many speculations as to who killed Ali teen series "Pretty Little Liars." Add your thoughts below:

  • The Pretty Little Liars never knew that Ali actually had a twin named Courtney, who was insane. One day, Courtney managed to switch places with Ali. The Ali that all the girls knew was really Courtney! When the real Ali finally came back, she killed Courtney.
  • YES! Courtney is really the dead one, not A (Ali).
  • Ali never died. She has a twin sister named Courtney, who is sick in the head, who pretends to be Ali all along, while Ali is away at a mental home. Courtney becomes "friends" with the four girls and learns about all of their secrets and keeps it in a diary. When Courtney (Ali) is supposed to be coming back from the home to visit her family, the real Ali murders her sister in revenge.
  • Okay, in the last book in the series, Wanted, you learn that Alison DiLaurentis had a twin sister named Courtney DiLaurentis, who didn't live with the family due to mental issues. The twins are identical. Later on you find out that Courtney always pretended to be Alison, causing much confusion amongst the DiLaurentis family. The night that "Alison" disappeared, it was really Courtney in Spencer Hasting's barn, not Alison like the girls thought. Alison despised Courtney because back awhile ago, Courtney dumped Alison's popular friend Naomi, and traded her for 4 new "losers," who just so happened to be Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily. Many of the girls adventures with whom they thought they shared with Alison, were actually with Courtney who pretended to be Alison. In the end you discover that the actual Ali killed Courtney for throwing away her perfect life. The body that was discovered in Maya's backyard was Courtney DiLaurentis. Ali is still alive, but after Mona Vanderwaal dies, Ali takes on the role of "A." So in conclusion, Alison is the killer, and she killed her twin sister, Courtney out of fury and revenge. She ended up killing herself by trying to kill Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily.
  • The person who was killed was Ali's twin sister Courtney. She was killed by Alison because she had stolen Alisons perfect life

Alli has a sister Cortney so i think she did it
Alison has a twin sister named Courtney, who was with Aria,Spencer, Hanna, and Emily the night she disappeared, Courtney pretended to be Ali and ditched Naomi and Riley (Alis popular friends) so the night in the barn, Alison murdered her sister Courtney and everyone thought it was Alison who was dead.
her twin sister who got sent off to a mental camp instead of her
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Who is A in pritty little liars?

The first A was Mona

The second A was Ali. Ali had a twin sister named Courtney. Courtney took over her life and Ali took hers. Courtney was mentaly ill so Ali ended up going to a mental hospital. Ali wanted revenge on the PLL and Courtney so she murdered Courtney and became A as payback for becoming friends with Courtney. Ali and Courtney were both insane. Ali tries to kill the four PLL but almost dies trying to. But Sarah Shepard is making it sound like Ali is still alive and wants revenge.

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Why does Alison kill Jenna?

Alison didn't kill Jenna, she blinded her

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What is the basic situation in Pretty Little Liars?

Well in the seventh grade, a girl called Allison Dilaurentis goes missing, and the 4 best friends drift appart, 4 years late they meet up but they get funny text messages from some one called A. Can the girls find who murdered Alli?

Or is the four Pretty Little Liars in danger?

Author-Sarah Shepard


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