Who lives in svalbard?

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Normal people like you and me. But they just live in a cold isolated place. I Longyearbyen (capital) they have a small supermarket to source the whole town/city. Further into the vicious north and more isolated parts inuits live. The people there are just like us.
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Where is Svalbard located?

Svalbard is located far north of the ARCTIC circle about 600 miles from the north pole. it is in Norway territory and u can fly from oslo or tromso. it is at the north east of

What animals live in Svalbard?

Some animals that live in Svalbard are polar bears and arctic foxes. These animals can suffer cold conditions and suit Svalbards surroundings! Other animals live their as well

What do the people of Svalbard do for a living?

Svalbard is way, way up north, a group of islands half-way between Norway and the North Pole. It is very cold there. Only about 2,000 people live there. Most of them live in

Why is Svalbard important?

Svalbard is important because the snw is melting and we need to help all the animals in danger

Why do polar bears live in Svalbard?

Why not? There's plenty of sea ice, a necessity for their habitat, it doesn't get too warm in the summer, and there are very few people.
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How many animals live in Svalbard?

Well, I don't know how many, but some of the more common are walruses, different birds, geese and gulls. Also Arctic foxes, and there is such a thing as a Svalbard reindeer. L
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How could you get to svalbard?

Some cruises of the Norwegian coast go to Svalbard, however the safest and cheapest method is a flight from Tromso to the one public airport on the island which is in Longyear