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Who made the Sears 22 cal Model 1 rifle?

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The Sears Model 1 22 caliber rifle was a single-shot made by Winchester. Winchester also made the gun as their model 121. I have a "junior" model of the Sears Model 1 that I received from my father in 1967. The junior model is a smaller version of the gun for the beginner shooter. I have seen a Winchester 121, and it is not only longer than the Model 1, but the gun stock is also slightly different. The model 121 had sling swivels and my Model 1 does not.
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What year was sears model 2c 22 cal rifle serial number 27327510 made and how much is it worth?

The sears 2c is actually a Winchester Model 131. I just acquired one and I'm looking for parts. I'll update when I learn more. I have a 2C Mod No 273.27510. I can't find a ser