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The man who gave the name Chicago to Chicago, goes by the name of Scootsman Pepperfield. He also invented shoelaces.
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How did Chicago get its name?

The town of Chicago was founded in 1833 and named by the FrenchCanadians in their pronounciation and spelling of an Algonquianword. It is either the Fox tribe's word for "place of wild onion"or the Ojibwa tribe's word for "skunk". Either way, it has beenrecorded that wild onion, chives and garlic gr (MORE)

What was Chicago called before it was named Chicago?

Chicago before it was called Chicago was just land of Indian territory. They named the area Chickagou or Checagou, which meant a type of smell which at the time indicated wild onion, skunk cabbage, and a resentful colony of polecats. The word was also in general use among the savages to indicate a b (MORE)

Who was Harrison Street in Chicago named after?

Named after William Henry Harrison, the 9th president of the US. In regards to the follow-up question: "Is there a definitive listing of the origins of Chicago streetnames?" The now out of print book - which should be available at publiclibraries - "Streetwise Chicago: A History of Chicago Names"(pu (MORE)

Who is Paulina Street in Chicago named for?

According to the book "Streetwise Chicago:A History of Chicago Street Names" by Don Hayner and Tom McNamee (published in 1988), Paulina Street was named by real estate developer Reuben Taylor in honor of his wife Paulina Taylor. Answer The pronunciation of the "i" in Paulina Street is long, as in (MORE)

How did the Chicago River gets its name?

Because it flows through Chicago! *rimshot* Seriously though, "Chicago" was a mispronunciation of the native American name for an indigenous onion-like plant that grew in the marshy areas by the river and lake...the area now referred to as "the Loop".

How did Wacker Drive in Chicago get its name?

Answer . \nIn 1909, architects needed a plan to improve traffic flow in Chicago. They presented a proposal to the Commercial Club of Chicago. The major part of the proposal was a double-decked roadway along the river. Charles H. Wacker, chairman of the Chicago Plan Commission, pushed the idea.

Who or what is Crawford Ave in Chicago named after?

Origin of Crawford Ave. name . I never knew this so I am glad you asked the question!\nFrom http://www.chicago-scots.org/clubs/History/Newsletters/1995/July95-1.htm\n. \n"In Chicago, Pulaski Road is 4000 west and runs from 6360 north to 11458 south. This long street is of interest to us because (MORE)

Where is Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois is located just west of the southern tip of LakeMichigan. Also, it is located on the northeastern border ofIllinois and the northwestern corner of Indiana.

Where was the name of Chicago from?

"Chicago" is derived from a Indian word meaning "place of the wild onions," according to a historian at Hull House, home of Jane Addams. The onions were very common near the Chicago River.

Who Dempster street in Chicago was named after?

Dempster Street was named for Dr. John Dempster, a prominent 19th century Methodist who founded Northwestern's Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (originally called Garrett Biblical Institute). Read more: http://www.virtualtourist.com/hotels/North_America/United_States_of_America/Illinois/E (MORE)

What are the names of Chicago Illinois's colleges?

Liberal arts colleges in Chicago include Shimer College and Columbia College Chicago. In addition, Chicago is home to many large universities, including the University of Chicago and University of Illinois Chicago, as well as many community colleges and specialized schools.

What to do in Chicago?

Go to the Navy Pier. Or ifyour there during the summertime go to the Taste of Chicago. MILLENIUM PARK! There's also a lot of nice restuaunts. I know a Latin resturaunt called Carnivale. Good food! Swim in Lake Michigan, or you can go to the Navy Pier and take a cruise on Lake Michigan. Shedd Aquariu (MORE)

Chicago Cub dog names?

Sandberg, Fukudoggie, Grace, Santo, Ernie, Soto, Rami Wrigley, Addison, Clark, Harry ( if you don't know why I would pick this name then you shouldn't be a cubs fan), Lou,

Where did the Chicago Bears get their name?

The Bears were formed in 1920 in Decatur, Illinois as a football club for A.E. Staley's starch manufacturing company. They spent the 1920 season as the Decatur Staley's but moved to Chicago in 1921 to capture a larger fan base and played as the Chicago Staleys. In 1922 Staley sold the team to George (MORE)

How did Chicago Bears get their name?

When George Halas and his partner Edward Sternaman moved the Staleys from Decatur to Chicago in 1921 they kept the name the Staleys due to an agreement with Mr. Chamberlain of the Staley Company for whom the Staleys had been a club team. In 1922 Halas and Sternaman wanted to name the team the Cubs (MORE)

How did Chicago Cubs get their name?

In the early 1900's the Cubs were called the White Stockings, but when they reformed their team by letting go their aging stars a newspaper in the area called them the Cubs because of their young team and the name stuck.

Why the name Chicago Cubs?

In 1902, noting the youth movement lead by new manager Frank Selee , a local newspaper penned the nickname Cubs for the first time. The moniker prevailed over time and was officially adopted by the club in 1907. It is currently one of the longest running-and most beloved-alias' in all of sports

Name of airports in Chicago?

Chicago is served by scheduled airline service at Chicago-O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). In the recent past, a couple of small airlines have used Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY). General aviation airports in the region include Waukegan (MORE)

The name of the airport in Chicago?

There are two main airports that service Chicago:. 1) Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) -- located in northwest suburb.. 2) Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) -- located in southwest suburb.

Name something that Chicago is famous for?

Chicagoland: \n. \n . The Bears.\n . The Bulls.\n . The Cubs.\n . The Sox.\n . Dirty politics, Machine Politics and corruption.\n . Gangsters like Al Capone.\n . The St. Valentines Day massacre.\n . Slaughterhouses and Saugage making.\n . The Willis Tower (Sears Tower).\n . The Chicago (MORE)

What can you do in Chicago?

Visit the Willis (formerly the Sears) tower, or the John Hancock building. Go to Milenium Park. Shop at one of the many many wonderful places to shop. Go to a sporting event such as: the Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, or Bears. Go to a concert.

How many communities are named Chicago?

There is only one Chicago, unless you want to include communities like: Chicago Heights, Chicago Ridge, East Chicago, North Chicago. Which are all suburbs of Chicago,IL.

What are Chicago two counties what are they names?

Cook and DuPage Counties. Almost all of Chicago lies in Cook County. A small section of O'Hare Airport (which is part of Chicago) is in DuPage County. Most people don't know that Chicago is partly in DuPage County.

Where did the name Chicago come from and what does it mean?

It has a Native American origin and in the Miami-Illinois language mean wild onion or wild garlic. Chicago is most likely an Indian name, since that area was once settled by the Native Americans. But I also heard that it may be a French name. Indian is your best bet It is the French Translatiion of (MORE)

The name of players on Chicago bulls?

The 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls Players: (There last name is first) . Asik, Omer . Bogans, Keith . Boozer, Carlos . Brewer, Ronnie . Butler, Rasual . Deng, Luol . Gibson, Taj . Korver, Kyle . Noah, Joakim . Rose, Derrick . Scalabrine, Brian . Thomas, Kurt . Watson, C.J. .

What to do Chicago?

Here are some things to do in Chicago . Go to water tower place and Michigan Ave. . Go to Navy Pier . Go to the sears tower . Go to a play (Wicked, Mary Poppins, etc.) . Have tons of food!!!!

Why did Chicago Bears get their name bears?

Chicago chose the name bears because when the moved to chicago they were chicago staleys,and they changed there name to bears as a follow up to chicago's baseball team the chicago cubs.

Who was Sheridan Road Chicago named after?

The answer to this question is Gen. Phillip Sheridan, who also had Ft. Sheridan in North Chicago, named for him! He was a famous civil war General who won important battles for the Union, but he was most famous for the destructive "March' through Georgia, to finally take the Souths last manufacturin (MORE)

What is the names of the players in the Chicago bulls?

the 2011-2012 bulls had derrick rose PG richard hamilton SG Luol deng SF Carlos Boozer PF Joakim Noah C C.J. Watson PG Ronnie Brewer SG Taj Gibson PF Asik C Scalibrini idk his position John Lucas III PG Jimmy Butler IDk Kyle Korver SG Keith Bogans Idk