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The names comes from Latin 'Hispania'  or  'Spania' which passed into Anglo French as Espayne
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Where is Spain?

Spain is located in the extreme southwest of Europe, along theAtlantic Ocean on the Iberian Peninsula (which it shares withPortugal). It is south of the Bay of Biscay and France, and theircommon border includes the country of Andorra in the Pyrenees.Spain is bounded on the south and southeast by the (MORE)

What is Spain?

Spain is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula in thesouthwest of Europe. It neighbours Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra andFrance.

How did Spain get its name?

Spain got its name by the Roman of the Iberian Peninsula which is now modern Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, Spain and some small parts of southern France. Romans called this land Hispania, which is an adaptation from Hispanía, a greek name than means "land of rabbits". This name was used by Artem (MORE)

What is the name of the British territory in Spain?

I don't believe there are any territories inside a sovereign nation except embassies and consulates.. Gibralter is a British territory located on the Iberian Peninsula next to Spain. It is not "in" Spain.

Who is spain?

Spain ( i / ˈ s p eɪ n / SPAYN ; Spanish : España , pronounced: [esˈpaɲa] ( listen )), officially the Kingdom of Spain ( Spanish : Reino de España ), [c] [7] is a sovereign state and a member of the European Union located in southwestern Eur (MORE)

What is the name of prime minister of Spain?

The name of the prime minister of Spain, as of June 2014, is PrimeMinister Mariano Rajoy. It is believed that he is the oldestelected for the office since he was elected at the age of 56.

What is another name for New Spain?

The colonial Mexico of Spain was known as New Spain or theViceroyalty of New Spain. The colony was ruled by the Spanish Kingand he appointed a viceroy, or very high minister, to assist in therunning of the colony.

How do you get to Spain?

You may go to Spain by walking, driving, flying,or going by boat, it depends on where you are and what you can afford.

What was the name of the persecution of Jews in Spain?

Originally, the sole purpose of the Spanish Inquisition was to find all bogus converts from Judaism. Later, the Inquisition hunted down insincere converts from Islam, heretics and people defying the authority of the Church.

What is the name of the capitol building of Spain?

The Spanish Parliament has two houses. The upper house is the Senado (Senate) and the lower house is El Congreso de los Diputados. The Senado is housed in the Palacio del Senado and the Congreso de los Diputados is housed in Palacio del Congreso de los Diputados.

Who is Spain named after?

Spain comes from Hispania which comes from Greek "i-shephan-im," the name given in honor of the rabbits seen burrowing there. http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/abrs/publications/fauna-of-australia/pubs/volume1b/45-ind.pdf I'm sure someone could put that more eloquently. ;)

What are the names of shops of clothes in Spain?

\nEl Corte Inglés (a department store kind of like Sears or The Bay), C&A, Stratavarius, Zara (which is a great store!)... That's all I can remember right now. There are also tons of little shops everywhere, which are great places to find unique things :)

What can you do in Spain?

Go to seaside, visit Barcelona: The Gaudí houses and the Sagrada Familia, visit Salvador dalí places, visit the Black Madonna, visit Madrid and its famous museums, try Pina Colada.

Full name of Spain?

The full name of Spain is Spain. Unfortunately, that is the longest name for Spain my computer or map can find.

How did the Spain people get the name Spaniards?

they can get their names from their traditions. Spaniard is a term derived the "Spain". The "ard" part comes from the old French word "Espagnart" which was the original French word for Spaniard. The "ard" remains in English even though it dropped out of more modern versions of French.

Name all the states in Spain?

Spain does not have states, it has provinces. See the map for population distribution at the Wikipedia article under the Related Link below. Spain has 50 provinces: . Alava . Albacete . Alicante . Almeria . Asturias . Avila . Badajoz . Baleares . Barcelona . Vizcaya . Burgos . Caceres (MORE)

What is the most popular name in Spain?

Well what i think you are talking about is people names so here we go. BOYS GIRLS ------ ------- 1:Jose 1:Maria 2:Angel 2:Sofia 3:Jaun 3:Isabel 4:Diego 4:Adriana 5:Carlos 5:Daniela I hope i answered your question and given the right answer!

What are the Spain soccer players names?

This is their most recent squad, for thhe 2009 Confederations Cup: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Jose Reina (Liverpool), Diego Lopez (Villarreal); Raul Albiol (Valencia), Alvaro Arbeloa (Liverpool ), Joan Capdevila (Villarreal), Carlos Marchena (Valencia), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Carles Puyol (B (MORE)

What are the names of football teams in Spain?

If you are asking club names then it is Barcelona, Real Madrid, valencia, Villareal , Athletico Madrid, Real betis, Departova la Courana. Athletic Bilbao, Ososona, Hercules, Levente, Getafe.

Why did Spain?

There are a great many reasons why Spain does what it does. Thiscountry desperately wants control over certain resources.

Why is Spain name Spain?

"Spain" is the English equivalent of the Spanish word " Espana "; which his derived from the Roman Latin name for the region " Hispania " which may be a variation of "Hesperia" meaning "Western Land"

What are the mountains name in Spain?

There are several mountain ranges in Spain. Two of the more famous are the original Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, and the Pyrenees Mountains that lie on the Spanish border with France. Each range has more than one peak and there are more than these two ranges so take your pick.

What are the names of the mountains and rivers in Spain?

The most important rivers in Spain are: . Those who die in the Atlantic Ocean are (from north to south): Miño, Duero, Tajo, Guadiana and Guadalquivir. . Those who die in the Mediterranean Sea are (from north to south): Ebro (the biggest of Spain), Júcar, Segura y Turia. Th (MORE)

How did Spain get there?

The christian kingdoms of the north of the Iberian paeninsula allied in order to expulse the muslims in the south.

How did the hierro volcano in Spain get its name?

There is no "Hierro" volcano in Spain. There is a volcano on Hierro Island in the Spanish Canary Islands. The one recorded eruption of the Lomo Blanco volcano was in 1793 See the description in the related link.

Is the last name Castanon from Spain?

The name Castanon is a variant of the name Casteneda , which is old French in origin. It comes from the old French word " castanh ", which is a derivative of the Latin word " castanea " which means " chestnut ". The name may have originally been coined to refer to people with auburn-colored hai (MORE)

Did the Spaniards name Spain Madrid?

Boy are you confused! Spain is a country and Madrid is it's capital city. See the difference, country vs. city? It was not the Spaniards that named Madrid. To make a long story short, it was the Visigoths who named the city "Matrice" and then the Arabs changed it to Matrit...

What is the proper name of the word Spain?

The proper noun is the word Spain, the name of the country. A person of Spain is a Spaniard, also a proper noun. People or things of or from Spain are described by the proper adjective Spanish.

What year was Spain named Spain?

Spain was united from the two previous kingdoms of Castille and Aragon in 1492. The name Kingdom of Spain was first used in this year. Previously, the region was called Hispania or Iberia. (Hispania is where the name Spain comes from.)