Who played Perry Mason in the television show Perry Mason?

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Raymond Burr
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Who created Perry Mason?

Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) was an American lawyer who wrote Perry Mason Series. Perry Mason, a fictional defence attorneys the main character in about 80 novels by Gardner.

Are there any available artwork or props from the perry mason tv series?

"Perry Mason" Prop Briefcase. An olive-colored leather briefcase used by an unknown performer on the classic TV series that starred Raymond Burr as Earle Stanley Gardner's crusading attorney. The briefcase is in Fine to Very Fine Condition with some mild to moderate wear and tear. Accompanied by COA from L.A. Prop and Wardrobe Co. . Heritage Auctions in TX sold this in Oct 2007 for $657.00

Did Ozzy osbourne write the song perry mason about the show?

Yes he did.It's one of his favourite shows. No. Just listen to the lyrics. "Riding painted horses", "how they love the wind to blow" "draw the line" are all drug terms. And the last part of the song when he sings, "keep talking, I've been doing this all night, how much did you give me, tell me it will be alright", he overdosing. The song is about drug use, addiction and overdose. Perry Mason is someone to take away the addiction and make everything better.

Who stared as paul drake in perry mason?

During the ten-year run of the "Perry Mason" television series (1957-1966), William Hopper played the role of Paul Drake in more than two hundred episodes. Hopper was the son of actress/gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

What kind of briefcase did perry mason use?

Although Mason used different versions throughout the TV show's full run, he consistently used a design that is sometimes called a "portfolio briefcase." It is a very lightweight design, with retractable handles, and may be carried like a notebook. Because it is opened with a zipper, it may be fully opened and spread flat on a desk or courtroom table, providing ready access to its contents.

Was Perry Mason in a book before he was on the television?

Yes, Perry Mason first featured in a novel published in 1933 - The Case of the Velvet Claws by Erle Stanley Gardner . He went on to feature in over 80 novels and short stories. He also appeared on radio from 1943 to 1955 and in two series of television programmes 1957 to 1966 and 1973 - 1974, and in a series of made-for-television films from 1985 to 1993.

Where can you download perry mason tv movies not TV series Episodes?

The Case of the Wicked Wives is temporarily on You Tube in 8 parts. The others are more probematical. Case of the Sinister Spirit though apparently available in either rar files from one site or direct download from another is actually broken files and probably from eastern Europe. Netflix claims to allow a free download but actually demands that you register and give your credit card number. Aside from some best of clips on You Tube, finding these movies even for sale is extremely difficult. Two outfits offer "31 DVDs plus bonus!" for $39 and probably supply partly defective homemade pirate DVDs. Good luck!

How many cases did perry mason lose?

Yes, he lost two cases. One was "The Case of the Deadly Verdict." 10/17/1963. But it wasn't his fault. His client withheld evidence needed to win. He also lost "The Case of the Terrified Typist" (6/21/1958). After his client has been found guilty and sentenced to death, Mason discovers and reveals that his client isn't the person whose name (Jefferson) he was using throughout the trial, and successfully asks for a retrial since much of the evidence applied to the real Jefferson, not his client (real name Kincaid). Still, it would be wrong to say he "won in the end," since he admits that Kincaid is indeed guilty, and makes it clear that Burger should have no problem getting another guilty verdict against Kincaid (using the correct evidence and name).

Was perry mason gay?

"Perry Mason" was a fictional character created by Earle Stanley Gardner. Mason was a defense lawyer who managed to find out who really committed the crimes he clients were accused of. I am not aware of any of the novels that suggested Mason had any sex life at all.

Which case did Perry Mason lose?

Perry Mason: The Case of the Deadly Verdict ( MOST WELL KNOWN) This justifiably famous episode, ranked as #51 in the "100 Greatest TV Episodes of All Time" by TV Guide , was originally scheduled to air on October 3, 1963. (Curiously, it was removed from the series' syndicated package in 1966, and not seen again until it was cablecast in 1988). "The truth is, Perry Mason didn't win every case. In fact, at least three decisions went against him," the fan website www.perrymasontvshowbook.com says. It lists losses in the "The Case of the Witless Witness," "The Case of the Terrified Typist" and "The Case of the Deadly Verdict" but notes that Perry Mason triumphs before the final credits. Other websites list only the last two as losses.

Who provided wardrobe for perry mason?

Costume and Wardrobe Department Evelyn Carruth. Wardrobe supervisor / costume supervisor / ... 85 episodes, 1959-1965 . Edward McDermott. Wardrobe supervisor / costume supervisor / ... 44 episodes, 1961-1965 . W.T. Zacha. Wardrobe supervisor 40 episodes, 1959-1961 . Dick James. Wardrobe supervisor 31 episodes, 1957=1959 .

Is Katy perry a free mason?

yes she is .. But i think she left them .. Cuz in her new song wide awake you can read the lyrics and if you know about thefree masons you will get it ,suddenly she's back watch the "darkhorse" if you know about the free masons.

Who was the main character in perry mason?

It's no mystery if you know what a main character is. The main character is the one that the book focuses on, the character that makes the important moves, and is generally the one that readers associate with the most. In this case the whole series is named after him.

Did Perry Mason handle divorce cases?

I was a fan of perry mason as a child. I watched the show religiously n i don't recall ever where he handled a divorce case. If my memory serves me right, i believe his character role was as a criminal defense lawyer.

Is perry Mason a girl?

No. Perry Mason, the fictional defense attorney of the the Erle Stanley Gardener novels and television series of the same name, is a man.