Who played Perry Mason in the television show Perry Mason?

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Raymond Burr
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Did Ozzy osbourne write the song perry mason about the show?

Yes he did.It's one of his favourite shows. No. Just listen to the lyrics. "Riding painted horses", "how they love the wind to blow" "draw the line" are all drug terms. And

Was Perry Mason in a book before he was on the television?

Yes, Perry Mason first featured in a novel published in 1933 - The Case of the Velvet Claws by Erle Stanley Gardner . He went on to feature in over 80 novels and short st

Where can you download perry mason tv movies not TV series Episodes?

The Case of the Wicked Wives is temporarily on You Tube in 8 parts. The others are more probematical. Case of the Sinister Spirit though apparently available in either rar fil